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Rap Monster or Kim Nam Joon is the leader of BTS. He is the main rapper and has been known as RM since 2017. He is the member of BTS who speaks the best English. It is very popular and easily recognizable.

In this article, you will see:

  • The likes of this famous rapper
  • Everything you need to know about RM
  • Trivia about the leader of BTS

RM will have no more secrets for you after reading this article. Let's go now!

The characteristics of Rap Monster

Name: Kim Nam-joon
Group name: RM (Rap Monster)
Date of birth: September 12, 1994
Group: BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan)
Interest: He likes to play basketball
Character: Comforting and pragmatic. Very clever.

Cute RM group from KPOP BTS

The Story of RM (Rap Monster)

Kim Nam-joon debuted in 2007 as an underground rapper with the stage name Runch Randa . From 2009 to 2013, he joined a group of K-Hip-Hop underground called Daenamhyup. Thanks to this group, he was able to collaborate with artists such as Zico.

In 2013, he was spotted by the Big Hit Entertainment agency, as he began to have a growing career. He was recommended by a rapper named Sleepy .

RM is the first member of the BTS group and he will quickly become the leader. In most groups the oldest member is the leader, but not in BTS.

Kim Nam-Joon: The leader of BTS

RM is a leader who has charisma and who is very eloquent. It has an essential place in the BTS music group.

When it comes to his personal life or music, he likes to talk about issues in society that are particularly close to his heart. This allows him to transmit messages of benevolence around societal subjects to an entire generation.

On October 10, 2018, during the launch of the "Unlimited Generation" initiative organized by UNICEF and during a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, it alerted the youngest of all origins, without any distinction, to dare to speak out and be heard in our societies.

4 Trivia About BTS Group RM


  • Since he was young, he read a lot of books to enrich his vocabulary and his eloquence and to facilitate his research in the lyrics of the pieces of which he is the author.
  • During a music show, one of his headphones fell on stage, putting him in an embarrassing situation, because part of his text escaped him. He is therefore very careful in the preparation of the shows.
  • He learned English with his mother by watching the series Friends.
  • Finally, RM tends to encourage himself during concerts by telling himself that he is the best in order to give the best of himself on stage.
  • He is reserved by nature . The other members of the group feel this difference when he is on stage and when he is with them in everyday life.

What are RM's clothes?

RM has a rather changeable style of clothing, in other words, he does not have a specific style. He likes to wear comfortable clothes, with colorful sneakers. He also likes jeans, sweaters and colorful shirts with patterns. We feature BTS group clothing so be sure to check it out if you like RM's look.

Rap Monster Girl Style

Kim Nam-joon appreciates girls who dress well, have a beautiful voice, and have a good temper. He said that if one day he had a girlfriend , he would like to write her a song to apologize for being an idol and therefore being known around the world, because he is often absent and always busy.

3 Clips to discover his kpop music

BTS Group ON Music MV - 2020
Music We are Bulletproof: The Eternal by BTS
Music 00:00 by BTS - Map of the soul 7

5 questions about RM

What is the IQ of RM BTS?

Rap Monster is said to have an IQ of 148 . This number is huge. He was in the top 1.3% of students in South Korea in his university exams.

Who is RM's sister?

Kim Geong Min is Rap Monster's sister. They fought when they were little like all brothers and sisters.

Why RapMonster?

During an internship, he sang a song. Following this, this is the nickname given to him by his family and friends. It was natural to take this name with BTS.

Where does Kim Nam-joon live?

RM lives in Seoul like all BTS members but was born in the city of Ilsan in northern South Korea.

What is RM's first name?

Rap Monster dit RM's given name is Kim Nam-joon . It is a name originating from South Korea which is written 김남준.

The leader of BTS is exceptional

In this article, we saw the story of RM and his journey before and during BTS. He went through hardships that he overcame and became one of the most beloved Korean idols on the planet.

Do you think RM will continue to be an exemplary leader ? We will be following this closely on KoreanxWear.

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  • Sandrine

    Cc Kim namjoon je trouve que tu as beaucoup de charisme et un très bon leaders avec une grosse responsabilité surtout ne change pas reste comme tu es ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • La Charmante

    Kim Namjoon mon amour imaginaire je l’aime trop. Même si je comprend pas le Corée j’écoute tous leurs musiques juste pour entendre leurs voix. “BTS” plus précisément mon RM😍

  • Foxy❤️RM

    Cc Kim Namjoon je m’appelle Charlène TEPITIOU je t’aime bien en tant qu’amie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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