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    Our traditional Korean Hanboks

    Do you like Korean traditions? It's time for you to discover our range of traditional hanbok from South Korea and immerse yourself in this fantastic culture.

    • Type: Hanbok 
    • Materials: Cotton and Polyester
    • Sizes: Asian
    • South Korea
    • Korean traditional clothing

    In this collection, you can discover our range of hanbok . A honbok is a traditional Korean garment worn during the Joseon period (1392-1910). It consists of a loose, straight top called a jeogori, which is often embellished with embroidery and bright colors, and a long, loose skirt called a chima. Honboks were often made of cotton or silk and were commonly worn by both men and women, although styles and cuts could vary depending on gender and social status .

    Today, the honbok is considered a symbol of Korean culture and is often worn on special occasions or ceremonies.

    When to wear a honbok?

    Honboks are no longer worn on a daily basis, but Koreans keep them for special occasions such as the New Year , a first birthday or even a wedding .

    You can accompany a honbok with our hair accessories.

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