Who are we ?

Our Mission: Spread Korean fashion all over the world.

KoreanxWear is a Korean clothing store run by a team of professionals who are passionate about South Korea, K-pop and fashion.

Our mission is to bring Korean clothing all over the world. We started with France and the French-speaking world to expand to the whole world recently.

What is KoreanxWear?

KoreanxWear is the story of a clothing brand designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts in South Korea. Our team is specialized in import/export and we will do everything to satisfy you.

Team presentation

The team is divided into 4 skill groups.

After-sales service - Camille and Élodie take care of customer service and orders. They do everything to satisfy you.

IMPORT - The technical team finds and negotiates products to import in Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Italy, UK), America (Canada, US) and all over the world (Australia, Africa, Brazil, Mexico etc.) . Our team is in direct contact with our suppliers in South Korea and Asia.

WEB - James is working on developing the store and adding new clothes to the catalog. He negotiates investments with our partners.

CREATION - The creative team designs blog posts and videos. She also manages the store's social networks.

If you want to join the team, you can contact us via the contact form or the store's Instagram account .