Who are the GOT7? Presentation, History and KPOP

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Know you at your fingertips the group k-pop GOT7? Want to learn more about this South Korean band? Do you want to get to know the members of this group better?

So we welcome you to this article dedicated to the k-pop ! Through this article, we are going to introduce you to this exceptional group so don't hesitate any longer!!

GOT7 is a 7-boy group from South Korea. They debuted in the Korean music industry in 2014.

In this article on this Kpop group, you will learn more about:

  • The creation of the group
  • Their importance within the Kpop industry
  • The fandom of this group

By reading this article, you will learn more about these 7 boys and be able to chat with other fans!!

The characteristics of this Kpop group

Name: GOT7

Start: 2014

Members: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom

Fandom Name: IGOT7

Agency: Epic Records Japan, Universal Music Taiwan

Label: JYP Entertainment, Epic Records, Sony Bec-Tero Music

Style: K-Pop, KR&B, K-Rap

Albums: Got It?, GOT♡, Just Right, MAD, MAD WINTER EDITION, FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE, FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL, 7 FOR 7, Eyes on you, SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY, Call My Name, Identify , FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE, Present: YOU, <Present: YOU> &ME Edition, Mori↑Gatte Yo (Japan)

GOT6 Members Who are they? Biography of the GOT7 group

The K-Pop group GOT7 created following various auditions is officially made up of 7 members from January 16, 2014.

Originally, two members JB and Jinyoung debuted in the duo JJ Project with “Bounce” in 2012. Jackson, Mark, Yugyeom and BamBam took part in the Who Is Next: WIN contest broadcast by Mnet in September 2013.
The boyband officially debuted on stage performing their single Girls Girls Girls in January 2014.

GOT7 Clothing KoreanxWear

A few titles not to be missed

GOT7: a group that shines

The K-Pop group GOT7, is a very original group. Indeed, it is composed of members of different nationalities. Indeed, three of the seven members are not of Korean origin. Mark was born in the United States, in Los-Angeles, BamBam is of Thai origin, and Jackson was born in Hong-Kong in China.

Another peculiarity of the group is the support of their fandom . It's a close-knit fandom that doesn't hesitate to show their love for the group in spectacular fashion. Indeed, to celebrate the sixth anniversary of GOT7 on January 16, 2020, they offered the group the galaxy NGC 278 which they nicknamed GOT7 in tribute to their favorite group.

GOT7 Funny Member

An influential boyband

According to Billboard, the GOT7 group was once listed in the Artist Chart category for 6 consecutive weeks at 45th place.
Since the start of their career, the group has sold over 3 million physical records in South Korea alone.

GOT7's official Twitter account has more than 7.6 million followers, more than 5.1 million subscribers on the Instagram network and more than 4.6 million subscribers on the YouTube platform.

On the Spotify streaming platform, there are approximately 1,791,300 plays per month.

IGOT7: A brilliant fandom

K-Pop group GOT7's fandom is IGOT7. This particularly original name actually has a meaning for the group. This is to show that the fans got the lucky number 7 for the band. IGOT7 means that only fans get the love of the group members, but also their luck through the number 7.

The name of the fandom has another specificity! Indeed, IGOT7 can be called “Ahgase” in Korean, which means baby bird. It is for this reason that the lighstick of the fandom takes the form of a bird.

GOT7 Fandom IGOT7

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