Return & Refund

For 98% of our customers, everything goes perfectly after placing their order. Impeccable Import, Delivery, Lead Times and Quality !

However, at KoreanxWear, we want 100% of our customers to be satisfied! For this, we offer you real Guarantees with our Returns and Refunds policies.


Your item has a defect or it is not your size? You have 14 days after your purchase to return it! Dismissal is subject to the decision of KoreanxWear management and the following conditions.

  • You have followed the advice given to choose your size.
  • Your product has a major design flaw.
  • Return costs are your responsibility.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable.


Our products coming from Asia (South Korea and China), it is very rare but it happens that there are problems with the import of products. That's why KoreanxWear 100% Guarantee your order !

After 30 days without having received your order (i.e. twice the maximum period) you can contact us to receive an apology gift .

If the order has still not arrived after 14 additional days we offer two options:

  • Either we send back the parcels of your order.
  • Or we will refund the order. (plus delivery)

Delays due to the COVID-19 crisis constitute a case of force majeure and do not give rise to our liability.

If necessary, you can contact the after-sales service