IVE Unveils “Accendio” MV

South Korean girl group IVE, under the label Starship Entertainment, continues to make its mark on the music industry with the release of a new music video. On April 29, IVE made their comeback with a second EP entitled “IVE SWITCH”, whose title song “HEYA” quickly captured the attention of fans.

Today, IVE surprises us again with the release online of the MV for “Accendio”, the second title song of this opus. The music video, available for a few hours, immerses viewers in a world of dramatic fantasy.

A Fantastic Journey

In the MV for “Accendio,” the members of IVE discover mysterious powers after finding an intriguing magic wand. This discovery leads them to face their own doubles in a series of intense battles. The special effects and captivating visual storytelling add an epic dimension to the song, making the music video as fascinating as it is intriguing.

A Double Headliner

“Accendio” and “HEYA” are the two flagship tracks from the “IVE SWITCH” EP. While “HEYA” has already won hearts with its catchy rhythm and catchy melodies, “Accendio” offers a different, yet equally captivating musical and visual experience.

Fan Reactions

IVE fans, known for their passion and unwavering support, quickly shared their thoughts on the new MV. The comments were largely positive, with many praising the creativity and originality of the music video as well as the group members' impressive performances.

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