What is a Hanbok?

Do you like traditional Korean fashion ? Are you looking for some information on the flagship Korean outfit that is Hanbok? Do you want to know more about the origin of this outfit?

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The Hanbok is the traditional Korean outfit par excellence. It is the most popular traditional outfit in South Korea, it is worn by women but also by men!

In this article, you will learn more about:

  • The story Hanbok
  • Characteristics of Hanbok
  • The popularity of Hanbok

By reading this article, you will learn a little more about Korean culture but also about the clothing traditions of South Korea!!

Girls wearing Hanbok

The History of Hanbok

Hanbok (한복) originally means "garment". This outfit is generally worn for special occasions such as weddings or special ceremonies. This is an outfit made up of bright colors with simple lines as a pattern.

Appearance of Hanbok (한복)

Hanbok appeared for one of the first times during the period of the Kingdom of Koguryo (고구려) (37av.JC-668ap.JC). Dress varies by gender.
It is composed of a jacket and trousers for men, while for women it is composed of a verst and a long skirt. It is important to know that the color of the jacket is always different from the color of the skirt or pants.

The Hanbok changed material or color depending on the social status of the person. Thus, the outfit was increasingly sophisticated if the social status was high.

Couple wearing Hanbok

Modernization of Hanbok (한복)

During the period of the Joseon Dynasty (조선) (16th century), Hanbok became a fashion phenomenon at the Royal Court. The colors are more and more vivid, the outfit is put forward. In women, the jacket is getting shorter and shorter and the long skirt is worn more and more often above the chest or at chest level.

The Hanbok is modernized over the centuries, it adapts according to the seasons in terms of color harmony or the appearance of a Hanbok with a lighter fabric during the warmer seasons, or conversely more material for cooler seasons.

Since the Joseon period, a more conformist way of life has taken hold to differentiate the different Korean social classes, but also to distinguish the members of the Court and the Royal family.
This more conformist concept makes it possible to highlight the fundamental values ​​of Korean society, namely integrity among men and chastity among women.

The Hanbok is therefore a garment considered simple but very elegant with patterns of beautiful color harmonies!!

Woman wearing a Hanbok

The "beauties" of Hanbok (한복)

This traditional Korean outfit would have several "beauties", or virtues that make this outfit a flagship Korean outfit. We are therefore going to present them to you so that this traditional outfit no longer has any secrets for you!

  • The beauty of the form: It is an elegant outfit while maintaining freedom of movement of the body.
  • The beauty of the structure: It is a rather simple garment but its simplicity is an asset to highlight the movements of the body.
  • Natural beauty: This set is fluid and provides a natural effect.
  • The so-called beauty of empty space: Pastel or bright patterns and colors and the fact that the loose evening garment brings out the personal side and highlights the individual who wears the outfit.
  • The beauty of personal character: The shape of the Hanbok as well as its colors and patterns help determine the social status of the person.
  • The beauty of color: This beauty would be related to the harmony of colors and the theory of Ying and Yang, but also of the 5 natural elements.
  • The beauty of creativity: It is a loose outfit that allows it to be described as fluid with an original harmony of colors and patterns.

Some tips for wearing the Hanbok in a very elegant way!

An increasingly popular traditional outfit

The Hanbok has always been a very popular outfit worn especially on special occasions such as weddings or other important ceremonies. What is surprising is the fact that celebrities put this kind of outfit forward, in Korean dramas for example or even K-pop idols who want to create a modern style while keeping a traditional aspect, a more conservative.

This makes it possible to show the interest that these celebrities have in their Nation by keeping and highlighting the customs of the country!

BTS wearing the Hanbok

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