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Do you really know the famous South Korean group BTS? Want full information about Bangtan Sonyeodan? Do you want to discover the musical history of Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, V and RM?

Welcome, we are K-pop fans and we are going to introduce you to the most famous music group in South Korea!

BTS is a Korean pop music group that started in 2013. It is made up of 7 talented boys: Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, V and RM. This K-pop group is the best known in the world thanks to many titles such as DNA or Boy with Luv.

In this article, you will learn more about:

  • The debut of the 7 idols in K-pop
  • The international success of this Boysband
  • The influence of BTS through the Army

    Through this article, you are going to learn more about BTS so let's get started right away.

    The characteristics of the BTS group

    Name: BTS ( 방탄소년단 )

    Start : 2013

    Members :

    • Jin is a singer. (Kim Seok-jin)
    • Suga is a rapper. (Min Yoon-gi)
    • J-Hope is a rapper. (Jung Hoseok)
    • RM or Rap Monster is a rapper. (Kim Nam-joon)
    • Jimin is a singer. (Park Ji-min)
    • V is a singer. (Kim Tae-hyung)
    • Jungkook is a singer. (Jeon Jeong-guk)

    Fandom Name : ARMY (Adorable Representative MC of Youth)

    Agency : BigHit Entertainment

    Style: hip-hop

    Albums: Dark & ​​Wild, Wings, Love Yourself: Tear, Wake Up, Youth, Face Yourself, Map of the soul…

    BTS kpop group members

    The Incredible History of the Bangtan Boys

    This Korean boy band made their official debut in 2013 with the song “No more dream”. Their concept was close to the American hip hop style , with a powerful rap and a street/punk look. This slightly quirky style did not win over the public at first, but a community of fans has nevertheless formed, making them rise and evolve over the years.

    The most famous K-pop group in the world

    It was in 2015 with their song "I NEED U" that their real career began, earning them their first victory. This was quickly followed by many others. With the "most beautiful moment in life" album series, BTS found their own style of music, attracting many more people to their fandom. Gradually, the group expanded overseas, collaborating with American artists and attending shows outside of Asia. This group has become the most listened to K-pop group in the world and the most famous internationally .

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    The 3 most popular songs of BTS

    Dynamite is the most recent Boys Band track to surpass one billion views.

    The Boy with Luv music has made the band even better known internationally.

    BTS's DNA music is Youtube's most viewed with over 1 billion views.

    BTS fans are called ARMYs

    Today BTS is often recognized as most popular kpop group around the world, and their remarkable work is rewarded with many diverse and varied trophies.

    Additionally, BTS' ARMY fandom is the biggest fandom in the entire Korean music industry. The ARMYs is a close-knit fandom that regularly mobilizes for many causes, whether for the group or for causes that are close to their hearts!

    Funny BTS

    9 questions about BTS

    What is the real name of BTS?

    BTS' full group name is Bangtan Sonyeondan , which is written as 방탄소년단 in Korean. This name is a mix between Boy Scouts and Bulletproof, that's why we can hear the name "Bulletproof Boy Scouts" in English.

    Why BTS is famous?

    BTS is a Korean music group known all over the world thanks to their K-pop music. Songs like DNA, Boy with Luv and Dynamite have over a billion views on Youtube. This explains their popularity.

    What does Army mean?

    Fans of the BTS group call themselves ARMY since an announcement on July 9, 2013. The word Army is an acronym that stands for " Adorable Representative MC of Youth ". This translates to "The Adorable Representatives of Youth".

    Who is the lead singer of BTS?

    Jimin is the lead singer of BTS thanks to his angelic voice and vocal talent. It has iconic parts in many of the band's tracks.

    Who is the leader of BTS?

    The leader or leader of BTS is RM (Kim Nam-joon). He has had this leadership role since the group's debut in 2013, as he was the first member to join BTS. Thanks to his talent and his presence, he remains the leader of BTS.

    What are the members of BTS called?

    The names of BTS members are: Jungkook (Jeon Jeong-guk), Jimin (Park Ji-min), J-Hope (Jung Ho-seok), Jin (Kim Seokjin), RM (Kim Nam-joon), Suga ( Min Yoon-gi) and V (Kim Tae-hyung).

    When will BTS break up?

    The group BTS is expected to disband in 2022 for an indefinite period, as the members will do military service in the army of South Korea. It is an obligation in this country.

    Who is the most beautiful of BTS?

    The most handsome member of BTS is Jin (Kim Seokjin), as he was named "The Most Handsome Man Alive" by Korean press and K-pop fans. Some ARMY think that the most handsome members of BTS are Jungkook and V.

    Are BTS a couple?

    Even though BTS may have a relationship, they can't officially date because it's banned by Big Hit Entertainment. This could change the image that the group sends back and thousands of fans could become jealous.

    The Bangtan Boys, impressive artists

    In this article, we have seen that BTS have broken all records in the K-pop world and now hold a prominent place on the international stage. This incredible group is made up of impressive singers and dancers.

    Given the importance of BTS in the world of Korean music , one wonders how long this career will last? We hope for a very long time and we will follow this on KoreanxWear.

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