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Do you like K-pop and Korean entertainment? Want to discover inspirational quotes from your favorite Idols?

Welcome to KoreanxWear, let's see 10 K-POP idol quotes.

It often happens that quotes are taken up by KPOP fans after interviews with certain idols. Perhaps the most well-known quote is from BTS's J-Hope: "I am J-hope, and I have a brilliant existence, like my name." J-Hope.

What we will see:

  • 10 K-POP quotes
  • The iconic phrases of your favorite idols
  • The stories behind these quotes

Let's start right now with a caveat about the veracity of K-pop quotes.

How to find K-POP quotes?

Quotes from K-pop artists are highly appreciated by fans. We will see how to find real quotes from your favorite idols.


BTS KPOP interview

To find K-pop quotes, you can go for the interviews of your favorite bands. There are often English translations if you don't speak Korean.

Tv programme

KPOP TV show

You can also watch reruns of TV shows or reality TV where your favorite singers participated. These are mostly Korean programs and they are available on YouTube or on streaming platforms.

Social networks

You can also find interesting passages with quotes from K-pop artists on social networks. In general, the best passages are always cut and reposted by fans on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok.

Top 10 K-POP Quotes

  • "I am J-hope, and I have a brilliant existence, just like my name." J-hope [BTS]
  • "Proud to be the son of two perfections." V [BTS]
  • "I know one thing about women: they are not men." Minho [SHINee]
  • "We've practiced enough to deserve your love, haven't we?" Wonho [Monsta X]
  • "Giving up is not in my vocabulary." Young Jae [BAP]
  • "You call me gay, but I can make your girlfriend scream more than you just by clicking 'Follow' on Twitter." G-dragon [Big Bang]
  • "To be opened up to you, you must first open up to others." Jonghyun [SHINee]
  • "The fridge is my wife." Changmin [TVXQ]
  • "If you can't respect, don't even open your mouth." RM [BTS]
  • "Work until your idols become your rivals." G-dragon [Big Bang]

Show your love for the KPOP mentality

In this article, we have seen quotes from well-known K-pop artists.

What is your favorite quote? Do you know another quote? Tell us in comment.

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