Black Friday 2022: South Korea and Kpop

Do you like to discover Korean culture? Do you want to buy discount Korean clothes ? Are you a Kpop fan looking for bargains ? Looking for a specialty store in South Korea?

It's perfect, we are a store specializing in Korean clothing and we will explain everything to you on Black Friday.

Black Friday 2022 will be Friday, November 25. It is a highly anticipated event for Koreans and K-pop fans around the world. It's time to do good business a month before the Christmas holidays.

In this article, we will see:

  • What is Black Friday
  • what koreans do
  • What K-pop fans do
  • Where to order clothes

Black Week in South Korea

Black Friday has become an international event where merchants offer discounts for a few days.

Indeed, despite its name, it lasts the whole weekend and sometimes more than a week. This event is surrounded by Black Week and Cyber ​​Monday . Sellers can thus extend their offers.

Despite a lot of reluctance at the start, this event has now been very popular for a few years in South Korea . The country likes to follow trends coming from the United States , but wants to stand out thanks to its strong culture. Black Friday is therefore less present than in certain European countries such as France, but it remains present for the pleasure of all.

K-pop fans during Black Friday

K-pop fans love Black Friday. It is a fact, because in this large global community there are very few problems with commercial events.

Promotions on K-pop items, this is a golden opportunity for young Korean music fans around the world.

Purchasing is rooted in the DNA of K-pop as shown by the group BTS by breaking the commercial barrier in the clip “ Go go go ”.

Black Friday South Korea

How to buy Korean clothes?

Many sites offer Black Friday discounts, however, few offer quality Korean clothing, good warranties, and good customer service.

You were lucky to stumble upon us just before Black Friday.

Our KoreanxWear brand is managed by a small team of enthusiasts whose mission is to import quality products, sold in South Korea.

We do everything we can to satisfy you, offer you real guarantees and support the K-pop community in France.

This year, for our brand's third Black Friday, we're going to set the bar very high with various promotions of up to 70% off, even on our new collection ! Take advantage of it, the opportunity may not come twice.

Black Friday 2022 Kpop South Korea

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