What is kpop style?

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The KPOP style is the style adopted by the majority of artists in the Korean music world. It is a popular style and often worn by K-POP fans. From the gait to the clothing, jewelry and accessories, this style is unique.

What we will see:

  • The appearance of kpop style
  • The basics of this Korean style
  • The influence of music on fashion

Let's start without further ado with the definition of Kpop style.

The origins of the K-POP style

To understand the origins of the K-pop style, you have to go back in the history of this Korean musical style .

K-pop started in the 1990s under the influence of American music imported to Korea since the 1950s.

From the start, the artists sought to distance themselves from traditional Korean music, thus developing a side more inspired by the Western world.

In the 2000s, K-pop, which had great success in South Korea, began to export its talents and success internationally.

The crossing of Korean culture and language, with more westernized music, has seduced Europe and the United States. Artists also stood out for their extravagant and fashionable clothing styles .

3 Idols with different looks

Today K-pop style is very varied, even if it remains always recognizable, here are some examples of outfits that have marked fans all over the world in recent years.

BTS's Jungkook in Vintage Mode

This Jungkook outfit has been adored by Vintage fans.

Jungkook Vintage Style

Lisa from Blackpink in Streetwear fashion

This outfit from Lisa is especially trendy among teenage girls.

Lisa Style Streetwear

Sana from Twice in cute mode

Sana's cute style is very popular in South Korea.

cute sana style

The influence of Korean music on fashion

Korean music is now recognized all over the world and shines with new remarkable music videos (MV) every year.

The large number of views of K-pop music videos and the growing number of fans around the world allow global fashion to be influenced by K-pop.

The biggest K-pop groups like BTS or Blackpink have a strong influence on global fashion among young people.

3 tips for having a K-pop style.

Here are 3 tips to have a style closer to your favorite K-pop idols.

Do not be afraid of the eyes of others

The K-pop style must be assumed. You have to be proud to wear atypical clothes and not worry about the non-constructive gaze of others.

Choose atypical accessories

To have a K-pop look, we advise you to take accessories that are out of the ordinary in your outfit. Jimin's earrings are a good example.

Opt for colorful outfits

In order to look like an idol, it is necessary to favor colorful outfits . It happens that the styles are dark, but most of the time the global K-pop scene is filled with color.

Start dressing in K-pop fashion

Cheer ! In this article, we have told you all the specifics of the K-pop style.

What do you think of the K-pop style? Which idol do you find the most stylish?

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