Who are the Itzy? Kpop Presentation and History

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ITZY is a K-pop girl band that was established in 2019 with the release of the single It'z Different. It is composed of 5 young singers: Yeji, Ryujin, Lia, Yuna and Chaeryeong. Worn by the JYP Entertainment label, they quickly conquered the international scene and the hearts of fans.

In this article, we will see:

  • Itzy's musical history
  • The beginnings of this girl band
  • Music and band members

Let's start now with the presentation of the group.

Features of Itzy


  • Name: Itzy
  • Start date: January 2019
  • Label: JYP Entertainment (https://www.jype.com/)
  • Music style: K-pop, South Korean hip-hop, pop, rap
  • Members: Yuna, Lia, Chaeryeong, Ryujin and Yeji
  • Albums: It'z Icy, It'z Me, Not Shy, Guess Who, Crazy In Love, Checkmate, Cheshire
  • Fandom Name: MIDZY

JYP Girls Band History

The members of the ITZY group

The name of the group Itzy means “those who have everything” and comes from the Korean “ 있지” which translates as “to have”.

Several members of ITZY were already known to the public, such as Chaeryeong who had participated in the famous show SIXTEEN. Ryujin and Yeji had also been on shows. But it was in January 2019 that JYP Entertainment announced the shooting of the group's first music video. Fans discover a first teaser on January 21, 2019, called “Prologue” in which we discover the 5 members of the group.

On February 11, 2019, the video clip of DALLA DALLA was released, which exploded all records with nearly 14 million views in less than 24 hours. The album was released 2 days later and quickly rose to the top of South Korean music charts.

The members of ITZY

Here is the list of idols that make up the K-pop group ITZY.


Yeji from Itzy

Hwang Yeji. Born May 26, 2000. Korean.

Leader, main dancer, singer and rapper.

  • She trained for 3 years
  • She snacks a lot during the day
  • She shares her room with Ryujin


Lia from Itzy

Choi Jitsu. Born July 21, 2000. Korean.

Main singer

  • She shares her room with Yuna
  • It is the smallest of the group
  • Her stage name comes from “Julia”, her English name


Ryujin from Itzy

Shin Ryujin. Born April 17, 2001. Korean.

Main Rapper, Secondary Dancer, Vocalist

  • She could have joined YG Entertainment
  • She eats very fast
  • She trained for 4 years


Itzy's Chaeryeong

Lee Chaeryeong. Born June 5, 2001. Korean.

Main dancer, singer, rapper

  • She dances very well
  • She knows how to compose music
  • She eats very healthy


Yuna from Itzy

Shin Yuna. Born December 9, 2003. Korean.

Secondary Dancer, Secondary Rapper, Singer

  • She's the biggest of the bunch.
  • She eats everything!
  • She shares her room with Lia

ITZY fandom

ITZY's fandom name is MIDZY. They revealed the name of their community of fans 5 months after their debut. The meaning is “trust”.

ITZY discography

  • Single, Dalla Dalla, 2019
  • Single, Icy, 2019
  • Album, It'z Icy, 2019
  • Album, It'z Me, 2020
  • Album, Not Shy, 2020
  • Single, Wannabe, 2020
  • Single, Not Shy, 2020
  • Album, Guess Who, 2021
  • Album, Crazy In Love, 2021
  • Single, In the Morning, 2021
  • Single, Loco, 2021
  • Album, Checkmate, 2022
  • Album, Cheshire, 2022
  • Single, Sneakers, 2022
  • Single, Cheshire, 2022

The group's most viewed music.

This is the most seen clip of the group, which evokes the wish to be oneself. The genres are EDM, hip-hop and house.

Not Shy marked an evolution for the group and received excellent reviews.

Dalla Dalla is the band's first hit single.

The future of ITZY

In this article, we have seen that the ITZY group is made up of 5 young ambitious artists who have already achieved major international success under the JYP Entertainment lab.

Do you think this historic group will still have a great future in the world of K-pop?

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