Who is Wonho [Monsta X]?

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안녕하세요! Want to know more about this former member of Monsta X ? Do you love idol Wonho ? Do you want to know the reasons for his departure from the boyband Monsta X? Do you want to understand his career from his solo debut?

Then you have come to the right place, being K-pop enthusiasts, we will answer your questions in this article!

Lee Ho Seok known as Wonho is a former member of music group Monsta X. He is an actor, composer and lyricist who was also a member of NUBOY and YTEEN. He left Boysband Monsta X in 2019 to launch his solo career.

In this article we will discover:

  • His background and career
  • Some songs from his album
  • The singer's interests and tastes

Are you well settled and ready to discover Wonho? So here we go, let's get started.

Wonho's characteristics

Name: Lee Ho Seok
Idol Name: Wonho
Date of birth: March 1, 1993
Former bands: NUBOY, YTEEN, MonstaX
Interest: Bodybuilding, video games, Kanye West and Ramens.
Character: Calm and intelligent, he is also easily irritated and very sensitive.

Photo of Wonho in concert

The story of this talented Wonho

Are you ready to venture into an enriching read to discover Wonho's youth, K-pop beginnings, success and family? So let's go !

Wonho's Youth

Wonho was born on March 1, 1993 in Gunpo, South Korea, he is of the astrological sign of Pisces.

During an interview with Dispatch the young man spoke about his youth and explained that during his childhood he was abused by his classmates at school because his family was poor. His family and relatives struggled a lot to get money. Wonho went out with his friends and often got into mischief with them. Sometimes he broke the law.

Lee Ho Seok's K-pop debut

Lee Ho Seok began his career by joining the first boy band of the Starship Entertainment label under the pseudonym of Shino, he was the leader and singer of the group. In 2015 he was the 5th trainee to be announced as a member of Monsta X after several weeks of competition on the survival show “No Mercy”.

For a time he was also known as Ulzzang as Shin Ho Seok. He is known to be the most muscular K-pop idol. When he was a member of Monsta X, he was also part of the Yteen project. In 2019 Wonho left the group Monsta X to embark on a solo musical career.

The reasons behind Wonho's departure from Monsta X

In 2019, Wonho 's youthful mistakes resurfaced, giving way to controversy. After the rumors and the investigation (where he was cleared), he decided to leave Monsta X to embark on a solo career. He wanted to avoid disappointing the band's fans and thought this decision would be the least painful decision. He publicly wrote a letter regarding his departure from the group and his apologies. It was released by the Starship Entertainment label.

His solo career

On October 31, 2019 following his departure from Monsta X, Wonho went solo and released his first solo song titled “Losing You”, which was released in August 2020 on his debut album “Love Synonym Pt.1: Right For Me'' .

Former Monsta X member

Before leaving the group Monsta X, Wonho had a very good reputation as a K-pop idol, dancer and singer. That's why he decided to go solo.

Wonho was the most muscular member of Monsta X. This physique often earns him the admiration of much of the K-pop community. Especially among the Monbebe .

In parallel, he is often nicknamed Bunny (rabbit) because he has a cute face. The cute side is often equated with a rabbit's head in South Korea.

5 things the Monbebe know about him

Gif of Wonho dancing

  • His favorite colors are red, black and white
  • He is a fan of Kanye West
  • He designs his own stage outfits
  • He loves to eat ramen, cold noodles, chicken breast and rice
  • He practices a lot of sport by going to the weight room

3 Harmonious Wonho Music

In this “Open Mind” MV WONHO participated in writing the lyrics himself, he put sincerity into his lyrics to show a new side of himself as a solo artist.

WONHO 원호 'Ain't About You (Feat. Kiiara)' MV
Wonho's recent music video where he sings with a delicate voice with singer Kiiara

“Losing You” is the first solo song he released on his debut album '''Love Synonym Pt.1: Right For Me'''.

Wonho is a very talented k-pop artist.

In this article, we saw that Wonho is a very complete (dance and singing) and talented idol. We learned a little more about his youth, his beginnings in K-pop , the reasons for his departure from the boyband Monsta X and his solo career.

Are you going to listen to his new album? Will he release a new album soon? Will he announce a concert tour? We will follow this on KoreanxWear.

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