Who is Jimin [BTS]?


Want to know more about Jimin? Do you want to discover the secrets of this BTS idol? Do you love Park Ji-min ? Want to know everything about him?

We too love the BTS group and we are going to answer your questions about Jimin.

Park Ji-min (박지민) is a singer of BTS. This young Korean is known worldwide for his clear and soft voice. He is a very good dancer and he is very appreciated by the Army.

In this article, we will discover:

  • Jimin's story and his debut in BTS
  • Untold stories about him
  • His interests and tastes

Let's start right now and find out everything there is to know about Jimin when loving BTS.

Jimin's Characteristics

Name: Park Ji-min
Group name: Jimin
Date of birth: October 13, 1995
Group: BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan)
Interest: He likes to dance, sing and draw
Personality: He is stubborn and can get angry quickly. He is a frank and direct person.

BTS Member Jimin

History: Jimin joined BTS

In July 2012, Park Ji-min made his K-Pop debut with an appearance in GLAM 's music video Party ( XXO ) . This is how he was spotted by the BigHit agency where he will be a trainee within the BTS group from June 2013.

In February 2015, alongside his idol career, he brilliantly graduated from high school and let his fans know by performing 95 Graduation with V from BTS.

Jimin particularly likes television sets , we find him on that of MBig TV Celebrity Romance or even during the program Show! Music Core with Jungkook . He also participated in the variety program God's Workplace alongside J-Hope and King of Mask Singer in 2017.

He tested his acting skills with the other members of BTS during a mini-drama named Flower Boys Bangtan High School .

The background and skills of this idol

Jimin is also an excellent dancer. He studied at Seoul Performing Arts School . He masters contemporary dance , which allows him to improve the group's choreographies.

Besides his talents as a dancer, Jimin also writes some compositions like Christmas Day performed by Jungkook and himself. This is a Korean version of Justin Bieber 's title Mistletoe rewritten by Jimin for Slow Rabbit .

He also participated in the writing of the title Boyz with Fun from the album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1 in April 2015 of the group BTS. He entirely wrote the lyrics of the title Lie which he performed in October 2016 for the album Wings . It is the same for the title Filter appearing in the album Map Of The Soul : 7.

Jimin, the idol with character

Jimin is known for his character. He is very stubborn and goes after his ideas. This sometimes leads to tension, because he tends to worry about small things and he doesn't like to sit around. He attaches himself very easily to people and he is remarkably kind. He is a very sensitive person who has trouble containing his emotions .

How To Recognize BTS Member Jimin

The 8 anecdotes to know about him

  • Jimin prefers to solve his problems alone, but when it doesn't happen not, he talk to Taehyung .
  • It is close to Taehyung , as they studied at the same high school.
  • He loves to dance no matter where.
  • Jimin is the training member most in the group.
  • SUGA love it spoof when he writes lyrics, he compares his writings to nursery rhymes.
  • He said if he had to choose an English name, it would be Christian.
  • If he had a superpower, he would like to talk to animals.
  • He never wanted to replace his dog who died when he was younger.

What is Jimin's style of dress?

Park Ji-Min likes simple clothes and likes to wear rather tight black jeans which he accommodates with a shirt , a sweater or other tops. oversized . He usually wears black and red colored clothes.

He likes to wear jewelry, we also find him with his black bag, sunglasses, caps, hats or Bob.

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The girl style of the famous Bias of BTS

Jimin doesn't have a particular style of girl, he likes nice and rather cute girls. He prefers girls who have character and a good personality. He likes girls who wear oversized tops with jeans. A simple and comfortable style.

3 songs that your Bias recommends to you

5 questions about Jimin

What are Jimin's nicknames?

He has a lot of nicknames that were given by the army and by the members of BTS. There's Park Jiminnie, Dooly, Chimchim, Mang-gae-tteok, Christian Chimchim, Mochi , and Park-ga-sang-gwi.

Is he in a relationship?

There are many rumors about Jimin's couples. He never confirmed the rumors with Jungkook. Many army think that Jimin is homosexual even if it is a misjudgment.

Does Jimin have tattoos?

Jimin is one of the few idols to have tattoos. He has several on his chest , including one with the inscription "nevermind".

What is his favorite color?

Park Jimin's favorite color is blue because it represents trust and loyalty. It is an ideal color for men who have faith.

Who is Jimin's best friend?

We don't officially know Jimin's best friend, although it is known that he is very close to V and they often tease each other in a brotherly way.

The singer of BTS with a golden voice

In this article, we have seen all there is to know about Jimin. This singer with a magnificent voice also knows how to dance, compose and has a strong personality. He is a very endearing person.

What do you think Jimin will become in the future? We will follow this issue on this blog.

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    Jimin est trs carismatique il beau,intelligent, il aime aider les autres je crois qu’il a un grand coeur.a chaque que je te vois sur les réseaux je me sens ….je t’admire Jimin.je suis ta plus grande fan’s.I love you Jimin park🥰

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