Are BTS Gay?


Want to know all the secrets of BTS? Want to hear fan theories about idol preferences? Are any members of BTS gay?

Today we are going to present to you without judgement , all the information available on this sensitive subject.

BTS group members are often portrayed by fans in gay fiction. Plus, they sometimes do things that drive the Army crazy. An example of BTS Gay Fiction is Vkook, a love story between V and Jungkook.

What we will see in this article:

  • BTS Gamer Moments
  • Main fan theories
  • What we really know about their sexualities

Let's start this article without further delay to discover the secrets of BTS .

Homosexuality or simple friendship of BTS?

The doubt is there for BTS fans. Indeed, the members of the group often play with a certain ambiguity which titillates all the fans of kpop and in particular the Army. The doubt about the sexual orientation of the members of BTS is a real sensitive subject that unleashes passions within the community. Reality or Fanservice? We will see that right away.

Moments that trouble the Army

Let's discover together the moments that have turned armies around the world upside down thanks to 3 videos that have exceeded 1 million views on Youtube.

These videos have made hundreds of internet users doubt and have created crazy stories that are transmitted within the BTS community. We will talk about these stories later. Faced with the desires of some Army, we will see what BTS say on the subject. Are they gay ? Are they just friends ? Why do they leave room for doubt ?

Official information (Big Hit, BTS, South Korea)

We have just seen that the members of BTS regularly appear in often ambiguous videos to the delight of the group's fans. However, what do the members themselves say? Did the Big Hit agency communicate on this? How would Koreans look if a rumor were to be confirmed?

On the idol side of BTS, releases about homosexuality are often supportive of the LGBT community. However, they say nothing about them. We notice that even if they have fun playing on this field, they deliberately leave a blur. Whether in concert or during broadcasts, no one can tell us if these moments of laughter are artificial or authentic.

The Big Hit agency does not communicate on this specific subject. They have a vested interest in making fans ask questions. We can understand them, because it brings a lot of talk about the group and promotes BTS music . We do know, however, that the agency supports LGBT+ lobbies in South Korea.

Moreover, we know that there is a real taboo on Gays in South Korea. The country does not see homosexuality in a good light and this is one reason that may explain the vagueness in this affair.

In reality, there is a lack of verifiable information that there are gay BTS members. However, this subject remains at the heart of the passions of the fans and that is why we will talk about the theories below.

BTS' Gay Ships

Now that we've seen the facts through videos, few press releases, and ubiquitous Korean society, we're going to bring you the 5 most well-known fan theories surrounding the relationships of your favorite idols.

BTS Ships Gay Fan-arts

Before starting the theories, you should know that the hypotheses of couples created by fans are called Ships. The couples can be either friendly or in love, and they are spelled with a mixture of the two names of the idols. In this article we will therefore see the 5 most famous gay Ships on BTS.

1 - What is Vkook? (Taekook)

The Vkook , also called Taekook, is a theory that imagines a gay couple between Jungkook and V Taehyung. These two BTS members are often caught doing cute attentions to each other, which has increased fans' excitement over this theory tenfold. She is now the best known among the Army and even beyond.

2 - What is Jikook?

In this second gay Ships, we find again Jungkook, however he is imagined in a relationship with Jimin. The two longtime friends would form a secret couple according to fans. One can find a lot of fan art videos and drawings that represent the Jikook .

3 - What is Namjin?

The Namjin couple is a gay ship created by the Army which features RM (Kim Nam Joon) and Jin (Kim Seok Jin). There are many theories around this couple because idols are very close friends in life.

4 - What is Yoonmin

The Yoonmin is a Ship composed of Suga (Min Yoongi) and Jimin. It was imagined because the two idols are always together and sometimes play jealousy games that BTS fans love.

5 - What is Sope?

Finally, we are going to talk about the Sope , which is the theory of the couple between Suga and J-Hope. This Ship is quite well known thanks to the cute videos that got a lot of views on YouTube and J-Hope's words to Suga, whom he describes as his "savior".

If you are passionate about BTS theories, we advise you to type the name mixes on Pinterest or Wattpad , so you can find a lot of fan art.

Are BTS Members Gay?

Simply put, we don't know. And that's good because it is difficult to say anything in view of the information and various theories. Also, making affirmations isn't very respectful to idols. However, if this hypothesis makes you dream, do not hesitate to join the fans of these theories to enjoy their incredible fan-arts and fan-fictions.

Now that you know all about the theories surrounding BTS idols, you can tell those crazy stories and check out the fan fiction with your friends.

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  • Ayra

    All bts members are close friends. That’s why they flirt with each other sometimes . There are many people who might have flirt or kissed their friend but it doesn’t make anyone gay.
    Some of their flirting videos are even edited by a few armys. Haters are just making fake news.

  • Guigue

    Ok ils sont soit disant gay mais il doit au moins y en avoir un hétérosexuel ? Non ? ( ps : je ne suis pas contre l’homosexualité, j’y suis moi même dans cette affaire ). ;)💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 en tout cas cela ne change pas mon avis sur le bts ( je les adores ) ❤️❤️❤️

  • Elizabeth

    C’est bien beau. Mais, je ne peux dire que je m’en tape ou bien c’est parce que c’est beau que c’est bien, car c’est pas du tout bien l’homosexualité.❤️Si leurs parents étaient également homosexuels ils ne seront pas nés. ❤️
    Et je peux dire qu’ils ont pleins de secrets a cacher derrière leur bonne humeur .❤️

  • BTs_love

    Moi je m’en fou car sa ses leur vie et ce n’est pas nous qui va les anpéché de vivre leur vie .Même si je suis une vrai army et je vais le raisté pour toujours .

  • Lana La Grenouille

    Si ils le sont personnellement je m’en ficherai même je serai contente car je trouve qu’ils son trop mim’s 💜🥰(surtout le ship taekook)et pareil je les aimerai toujours autant 💜💜💜💜
    (Désolée jungkook 1997 j’ai un peu reécrit ce que vous avez marqué)

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