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Do you want to discover mixed groups ? Do you like the diversity of kpop? Are you interested in male-female relationships in South Korea?

This article is made for you, we are crazy about kpop and we are going to see this together.

A mixed kpop group is a Korean music group that features both men and women. For example, the group Nasty Nasty is a mixed group. (In some cases, we can also speak of mixed ethnic groups.)

In this article, you will discover:

  • Mixed groups in kpop
  • Music videos of these bands

Let's start right away and discover the mixed groups that have marked Kpop.

nasty nasty

The Nasty Nasty group started in 2014 with the Star Empire agency.
It didn't last long since the adventure ended in 2014.
The group consisted of Park Gyeong Lee, Jo So Jin, and Kevin.

Akdong Musician

AKMU is a brother and sister duo who were powered by YG entertainment after their victory on the K-pop reality show Star 2 in 2013.
It is composed of Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-hyun.


The group “My Fans Are Better Than Yours” has been around since 2013.
It consists of Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae and Bizzy. The group's agency is Feel Ghood Music.

Coed School

The Core Contents Media agency group was formed in 2010 and disbanded in 2013. There were 10 members and 2 units. The girls were the "F-ve Dolls" and the boys were the "SPEED".

Urban Zakapa

This group was created in 2009 and has 3 members today (Park Yong In, Kwon Soon Il and Jo Hyun A). They are produced by the Makeus Entertainment label.


This group started as an independent in 2001 and subsequently seduced the Fluxus Music label. It is composed of 3 members (Alex, Horan and DJ Clazzi).

Triple H

This is a trio consisting of HyunA, Hui, and Dawn. This group started their adventure with Cube Entertainment in 2017 and ended it in 2018.


This group of DSP Media has been in operation since 2016. It is composed of 4 members, 2 of whom were originally (BM, Jeon Ji Woo, Jeon So Min, J.seph).

trouble maker

The Cube entertainment duo consists of HyunA and Hyun Seung. They have existed since 2011 and ceased to operate in 2018.

What is your favorite mixed group?

We have seen together the mixed groups that have marked the history of Kpop . You can tell us in the comments which one you preferred 😉

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