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Are you looking for a discord server to have a good time? Want to join the K-pop community on a group? Do you want to meet people related to South Korea ?

At KoreanxWear, we invite you to discover a K-pop discord server.

The "Korea & KPOP" Discord server is a community group around K-POP, South Korea and the Korean language. If you like to meet enthusiasts, this is the ideal group.

In this article you will find:

  • A presentation from Discord
  • The concept of this server
  • 5 reasons to join Korea & KPOP

Let's get started right away to help you join this server.

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Reminder: What is Discord?

Discord is a social network that works with servers. Servers are groups where you can find people who share the same passions as you. This social network is used to play video games, meet people, share passions, create projects and even to study lessons.

In each server, you will find text and voice channels. These rooms allow you to connect quickly in written conversations , in voice discussions or in webcam calls . Discord servers always have features specific to their themes and the needs of members (the addition of music for example).

Now that you know Discord, let's introduce you to the perfect server for K-pop fans.

Social Network Discord Screen

Korea & KPOP Server Overview

Korea & KPOP is a discord server for K-POP and South Korea fans.

This multifandom server stands out because it is made to meet a variety of people. It is very convenient to learn Korean and Korean culture with other K-pop fans. If you like to have a good time around music , dramas and Korean culture, this server is for you.

The particularity of this server is the creation of content. This server belongs to several French-speaking content creators who have decided to link their communities around a common passion . Our goal is to bring together as many K-pop enthusiasts as possible to have a good time and chat together.

The Korea & KPOP team is also recruiting moderators so that there is always someone to improve the server and the member experience. It is a very open server and is open to everyone.

French KPOP community

5 reasons to join this group

Here are 5 reasons to join Discord Korea & KPOP server.

A complete community for dating

The community brings together a variety of audiences ranging from K-pop, to South Korea, to the Korean language. This offers the possibility of meeting French speakers from several fandoms who have experienced different backgrounds.

Be up to date with K-POP news

If you like K-POP news , the discord server is a very good way to find out. Have meaningful conversations and debates about the topics and news that really interest you.

Learn Korean with other enthusiasts

Meeting people who are learning Korean is the best way to have access to good advice to progress faster. If you like to learn Hangeul , you can share your knowledge with the other members of the group.

Tips for traveling to South Korea

Traveling in South Korea is often complicated when you are young. It is important to surround yourself and help each other between fans of South Korea and K-pop. Make unforgettable encounters that will help you thanks to the community.

A long-term active server

Korea & KPOP server is run by a group of internet content creators. It will therefore be stable over time, because the staff can evolve and because the creators will bring people frequently into the community.

Join Korea & KPOP discord server

Join the server staff

If you are interested in joining moderators or content creators, the server is recruiting. Just send a discord message introducing yourself to one of the discord creators.

Join the server to socialize, have a good time, learn about South Korea, and experience Discord's most comprehensive and up-and-coming K-POP community.

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