How to become a KPOP idol?


Want to know all about KPOP idol recruitment processes? Want to understand the journey of your favorite idols? Want to join a group one day?

Welcome to KoreanxWear, in this article we tell you everything about how to become an idol.

Becoming a K-POP Idol is extremely difficult. The selection process is one of the toughest in the world. In general, you have to take expensive lessons from childhood, train very hard in sports, endure the pressure of competition and give up your free time.

What we will see:

  • The process of becoming a K-pop idol
  • The harsh reality behind this job
  • What famous singers say on the subject

Let's start right away with the skills required to become a K-pop idol.

The skills required to become an Idol

To become a K-pop idol there are skills that are non-negotiable. We are going to see these important things to be part of a Kpop group.

To dance

K-pop idols are very good dancers.

Whether in boy or girl groups, dancing is an essential part of K-pop concerts and music videos.

All the artists are superb dancers and have athletic physical conditions.

You also have to be good at retaining a large number of choreographies, while remaining in sync with the group.

To sing

To become a K-pop idol, or in other words, a singer, you have to know how to sing.

The vast majority of idols are very good singers .

Some Idols are rappers, but they still know how to sing, it's mandatory to become a singer or singer in a KPOP group.


Sports in South Korea

To be able to hold shows, concerts and filming, idols must be very good at sports.

They must have an exceptional physical condition to be able to do this very tiring job physically and mentally.


Kpop stars also have to be smart.

It is necessary, because it is a very versatile profession that requires a lot of resources. The intelligence of the idols is an asset for the label which will be able to promote them without fear.

Oral expression

K-pop idols are often featured on TV or shows.

They must therefore be able to express themselves well.

It's a job that requires being in the spotlight, you have to know how to express yourself in Korean and English.

The Classic Journey of a K-pop Idol

Here is the classic path followed by young Koreans who succeed in becoming Idols.

Spotting a talent

Initially, the child must stand out by demonstrating their talents for dancing or singing .

If he is gifted, he can join a school dedicated to music, singing and dancing.

K-pop prep school

kpop school

K-pop schools are not compulsory, however, it is a perfect place to practice dancing, singing and mastering the skills necessary to become an idol.

These are private fee-paying schools.

Following this school, young people can take the competition to join an agency.

Competition with an agency

To become an Idol, you have to start by becoming a Trainee in an agency.

For this, you have to pass very selective competitions.

Every year, thousands of young Koreans attempt the competitions for only a few dozen places .


Once the competition is successful, you will be a trainee (or trainee) in an agency or a label that manages K-pop groups. You have to practice during this training.

If you manage to get noticed, you may have the chance to join a new group.

The Trainee period can last from 2 to 4 years and no one is sure to be chosen as a member of a K-pop group.

Become Idol

If you have passed all these tests, you are surely very talented.

With a bit of luck and effort, you may be offered a contest to become an idol in a K-pop group.

If you have this place, you are finally an idol.

Idol advice for future recruits

Here are some idol quotes that can motivate future recruits. If you dream of becoming Idol, you have to think carefully, but if you are sure, you have to go for it.

  • “Giving up is not in my vocabulary.” Young Jae [BAP]
  • “Work until your idols become your rivals.” G-dragon
  • “A role model? I don't have one. I want to become one.” Himchan [BAP]
  • “You have to know where you are to know where you are going.” HO

The harsh reality behind this profession

The selection to become Idol is really difficult.

It's one of the hardest selections in the world and many people dedicate years to it without ever succeeding in becoming idols.

On top of that, becoming an Idol can cost young recruits a lot of money, which makes this profession inaccessible to people who cannot afford it.

This dream job is actually very beautiful in the spotlight and quite cruel in reality.

Dance, sing and believe in yourself

Now you know all about the process to become K-pop Idol.

And you, are you tempted?

It doesn't matter, what you want to do, stay motivated , sing, dance and believe in yourself, this is the most important lesson of idols who have succeeded in achieving their dreams.

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  • Litsie

    Je suis Litsie et j’ ai 10ans et je sais super 👍 chanter pas très bien danser mais je sais faire du vocalisme

  • Maricelcarty

    Je voudrais être chanteuse de k pop je voudrais tenter ma chance

  • Agathe

    Bonjour je m’appelle Agathe Le Breton et je suis française, sa fait 2 ans que je connais la kpop et que je veut devenir Idoles, j’apprends le coréen, chante depuis que je suis petite et là scène ne m’est pas inconnue. Rien ne se mettrait en travers ma route, meme mes parents n’ont pas réussi,je veut faire de mes idoles mes rivaux. J’ai fait de la gym, de la danse classique et jazz, de l’escalade et du VTT. Mes parents ne peuvent pas financer seuls, mais j’ai une grande famille qui me cotiserait assez pour allés dans une école spéciale. Certaine personne vous diront que ce n’est pas un métier mais c’est parce qu’ils ne voient que de la danse et du chant!! Etres Idole c’est bien plus que sa, c’est remonter le morale de gens qui ont une vie pourri( comme la mienne ) avec nos musiques et nos sourires, c’est faire rire , pleurer, chanter et rassembler les gens!! Moi je veut rendre heureux comme moi sa m’a rendue heureuse,je veut chanter à m’en casser la voie,danser a en avoir mal, les faire rêver, leurs montrer que tout est possible avec un peut de patiente, d’hopptimiste, de courage et de détermination. Alors…. Alller y, réaliser vos rêves.

  • Emilie

    Bonjour, je m’appelle Emilie et j’ai 14 ans. Ça fait ne pas longtemps que j’ai découvert la k-pop, et j’adore maintenant. Tellement que j’ai envie d’être une idole. Je ne danse pas très bien mais j’apprends toute seule les chorées de mes artistes préférés, pour ensuite être jugée par un entourage neutre. Je suis confiante en chant : je chante depuis mes 3 ans, et des professeurs m’ont approuvé mon chant. J’ai une question, et si quelqu’un connaît la réponse, peut-être pourrait-il me répondre : est-il possible de devenir une idole même si on est pas asiatique ?

  • Johanna

    Bonjour,je m’appelle Johanna mais tout le monde m’appelle Nana. J’ai 13 ans et ça va faire 2 ans que je veut devenir une idol de kpop. Je sais très bien danser car je danse depuit petite, mais au contraire chanter se n’est pas mon fort. En sport je suis asset bonne. J’ espère un jour réaliser mon rêve même si je sais que il y a 1 chance sur 1000 000.

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