How to differentiate the BTS?


Have you just discovered kpop? Are you tired of having the wrong member in the group? Do you want to recognize BTS for good ? Do you want to become a real ARMY?

Perfect, we are Kpop experts and we are going to help you in this article.

To tell the members of the BTS group apart, you have to memorize their faces and behaviors. Jungkook, Suga, V, RM, J-hope, Jin and Jimin are very different physically and mentally as we will see.

What we will see:

- How to differentiate BTS
- The specificities of each member
- Photos to illustrate

Let's get started without further ado and find out the differences between the members of BTS.

The differences of the members of BTS

To recognize the members of BTS , we will start by seeing a short introduction of each member. Each presentation will be accompanied by a beautiful photo to memorize the heads of your favorite Korean singers.

RM: Leader

RM (formerly Rap Monster) is a rapper and is the leader of BTS.
He speaks better English than the other members of the group.
His temperament is quite composed, it allows him to calm the other members.
He is very intelligent, he would have according to some sources, an IQ of 148.
He underwent nose surgery.
He is very open-minded and defends homosexuals.

Here is a picture of RM to help you memorize his face.

Portrait RM

Suga: Rapper

Suga is a BTS rapper who goes solo as “Agust D”.
He enjoys changing hair colors regularly (like many members).
He is very modest, he says for example “those who chose me as a bias are strange because I am not particularly handsome”.
Finally, it is better not to disturb him when he sleeps.

Here is a picture of Suga to help you memorize his face.

Suga Portrait

Jin: Vocalist

Jin is a BTS vocalist.
He is the oldest member of the group.
His laugh is very funny and recognizable.
According to some of his friends, he has big lips.
He loves to cook good food.

Here is a picture of Jin to help you memorize his face.

jin portrait

J-HOPE: Rapper

J-HOPE, or rather J-HOOOOOPE for short, is a rapper from BTS.
He is one of the best dancers in the group.
She's a very good rapper too.
He is the hope of many fans as this famous phrase says: “ I'm your hope, you're my hope, I'm J-Hope ”.
Finally, we can say that he brings a real ray of sunshine to the group.

Here is a photo of J-HOPE to help you memorize his face.

J-Hope Portrait

Jimin: Vocalist

Jimin is a vocalist of BTS characterized by the sweetness of his voice.
He says I quote: "I see nothing when I'm laughing" because he has a very chubby face (in the cute sense).
According to many fans, he has two personalities, ChimChim and Jimin oppa .
Her voice is really nice.
Finally, he is the best friend of V (taehyung).

Here is a picture of Jimin to help you memorize his face.

Jimin Portrait

V (Taehyung): Vocalist

V is a BTS vocalist who has a deep voice.
Some call him the alien but he doesn't like it.
He is the Bias of many Kpop fans.
His smile is very beautiful and makes the Army crack.
He's not very good at English so he just says, “Hello guys, i'm V”.

Here is a V (Taeyhung) picture to help you memorize his face.


Jungkook: vocalist

Jungkook is a BTS vocalist.
He is very good at dancing.
He is the “ Golden Maknae ” because he arrived in the group very young.
He has a lot of physical strength which allows him to be the best at arm wrestling.
He enjoys drawing in his spare time.
Her fans call her “Kookie” because she's super cute.

Here is a picture of Jungkook to help you memorize his face.

Jungkook Portrait

Photos to differentiate BTS

Here are photos with the names of BTS. This will allow you to make the connections between their faces and their differences. By memorizing where each of the members are in these 3 photos, you should be able to tell BTS apart forever.

BTS names
BTS Members
Differentiate BTS

Differentiate BTS to become a real Army

Differentiating BTS is a big step that you have just taken to become a real Army. However, there are plenty of other things to know in the world of Kpop and BTS. You can find lots of information on our blog for example 😉

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If you liked our article, I advise you to recommend it to newcomers to the Kpop world because it can help them. We say see you very soon for a next article.

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  • Chantal

    je suis fan de bts .je les adores ..y sont tous beaux ..mais jai un flash sur jungkook 😍😍😍😍

  • Yandri

    Jimin est un de mes chanteurs préférés car il a beaucoup de charme et sa voix est magnifique ❤️😍



  • ARMY?It's my

    JE SUIS LA PLUS ARMY DU MONDE mon bias c’est jungkook il est trooooooop beau!!!!

  • Fana BTS

    Je suis trop fan des BTS mais les plus beau sont Jungkook,V et Jimin.❤ J’adore leurs musiques surtout Dynamite,Fake Love,Butter et Coffee.❤

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