5 Korean Dramas to watch in 2021

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Do you like K-drama (Korean TV series)? Have you seen so many already that you don't know what to look at? Or on the contrary you would like to start but you don't know which one to start with?

This article is made for you! You are going to have something to start the year 2021 well with 5 K-drama currently being broadcast or which will be released in a few months.

My name is Inès and in 2016 I went to study in South Korea for 1 year. I decided to launch myself on Youtube to make you discover a little more the country through my experience. Being myself a big consumer of K-drama, I also talk on my Youtube channel about news on this subject.

What you are about to read is:

  • 5 drama ideas to watch in 2021
  • The summary of these dramas with the cast as well as their release date (if it has been announced)
  • Trailers (if released)
  • The reasons why these dramas are to follow in 2021

Reminder: What is a Korean drama?

A Korean drama, also called K-drama (“K” for “Korean” meaning “Korean” in English), is a television series originating in Korea. K-dramas vary widely in episode number and length. Despite everything, a fairly “classic” format of recent years is often around 16 episodes of 60 minutes.

In the same way that Korean music (K-POP) has allowed South Korea to export its style far beyond its borders, K-drama has also allowed many people to discover the country. Today K-dramas are watched on many continents other than Asia.

What K-drama to watch in 2021?

1.Dear M

The 1st K-drama that I recommend to you in 2021 is called Dear M.

Poster Dear M

What is Dear M?

Ma Ju Ah, Cha Min Ho, Seo Ji Min and Park Ha Neul are 4 friends who study at Seoyeon University. Ma Ju Ah is bright and friendly, she studies business management but is not the type to think about romantic relationships or even chase after her dreams. Cha Min Ho has known her for 15 years and studies computer science thanks to her developer talents and her ideas of innovation. Park Ha Neul is the schedule ambassador of Soyeon University. He is in the same class as Ma Ju Ah. Seo Ji Min is studying economics. All four are in search of the mysterious character “M”.
  • Original Title: 디어엠
  • Episodes: 12 episodes, 35 min
  • Upcoming broadcast: From January 26, 2021 - no end date announced yet
  • Genres: Drama - Romance
  • Themes: Friendship - Love - School - Investigation
  • Main cast: Park Hye Su, Jae Hyun, Roh Jeong Eui, Bae Hyeon Seong

Dear.M Trailer (Trailer)

Why watch Dear M?

If you like romance and investigations, I think this drama will meet your expectations. The summary and the trailer don't say much about the drama, which leaves room for imagination. All scenarios are therefore possible and this is what really makes you want to discover the plot as soon as it is released on February 26, 2021. Who is this mysterious character M mentioned in the title?
Moreover, if like me you have followed “Love playlist” the web series on Youtube, you risk finding characters that you already know, and that makes you want even more, doesn't it?

2. Vincenzo

Now let's discover the K-drama Vincenzo.

Vincenzo Poster

What is the Vincenzo series about?

Park Ju Hyeong was adopted by an Italian family in Italy at the age of 8 as Vincenzo Casano. Following a conflict between different mafia groups, he can no longer exercise his work as a lawyer for the mafia. He therefore decides to flee to return to his native country: South Korea. It is in South Korea that he meets Hong Cha Yeong, a lawyer who is also determined to win a case.

Jang Jun Wu is handsome and clumsy. His clumsiness causes him a lot of problems in his work since he is doing his first year internship in a law firm.

  • Original title: 빈센조
  • Episodes: 16 episodes, 60 min
  • Upcoming broadcast: from 02/20/2021 to 04/25/2021
  • Genres: Comedy - Drama - Romance
  • Themes: Love - Lawyer - Crime - Mafia
  • Main cast: Ok Taec Yeon, Jeon Yeo Been, Song Joong Ki

Vincenzo Trailer (Trailer)

Why see Vincenzo in 2021?

If you like dramas with stories of settling scores and fights, this one will probably interest you! Vincenzo is an expected drama due in particular to its cast made up of very famous actors. The story around the mafia is also intriguing and promises great action scenes.

3. True Beauty

Can't make this 2021 K-drama list without mentioning True Beauty.

True beauty poster

What is True Beauty?

Im Ju Gyeong is a high school student who has had a complex about her appearance since she was a child. She discovers makeup and uses it every day to hide her flaws and her true appearance thanks to her talent. She will meet Lee Su Ho and Han Seo Jun, two other high school students...

  • Original title: Yeosingangrim / 여신강림
  • Episodes: 16 episodes, 70 min
  • Current broadcast: from 09/12/2020 to 04/02/2021
  • Genres: Drama - Romance
  • Themes: Love - Love triangle
  • Main Cast: Mun Ga Yeong, Cha Eun Woo, Hwang In Yeop

True Beauty Trailer (Trailer)

Why watch the drama True Beauty?

To all the college rom-com fans out there, True Beauty is the K-drama for you. Unlike the previous two K-dramas, the airing of True Beauty has already started since December 2020. It is a light K-drama that nevertheless denounces school bullying.

This drama is taken from a webtoon of the same name which was also very successful. The love stories are fresh and innocent, it's the school K-drama par excellence!

4. Now we are breaking up

We continue the K-drama 2021 discovery with Now We Are Breaking Up.

Poster now we are breaking up

What is "Now we are breaking up"?

Ha Young Eun is a Design Team Manager at a fashion company. She's cold and smart, and she puts her job above everything else. She is 38 years old but her job as a fashion designer means that she takes extreme care of her appearance in order to stay young and beautiful. She is categorical, her work is her priority and she does not waste her time with men.

  • Original title: 지금, 헤어지는 중입니다
  • Episodes: No information
  • Broadcasting in progress: No dates yet
  • Genres: Drama - Romance
  • Themes: Love - Work
  • Main cast: Song Hye Kyo, Yoo Teo

No trailer yet.

Why watch this K-Drama?

There are very few elements available on this K-drama but the summary is very interesting and promising. It deals with the subject of independent and career women. The actress chosen for this role is for me the best choice. We had already seen her in Descendants of the Sun where she was in the role of a female doctor and it suited her perfectly. Can't wait to see her evolve in this new K-drama

5. She would never know (Sunbae don't put on that lipstick)

The last K-drama on this list is called She Would Never Know.

Poster She should never know

What is this Korean series about?

Yun Song A is a cosmetics enthusiast who dreams of creating her own brand. At the moment, she is a marketing specialist for the cosmetics company for which she works with seriousness and passion.
Meanwhile, handsome and serious Chae Hyeon Seung is Yun Song A's trainee. He begins to develop feelings for Yun Song A and tries to date her.

Unfortunately Yun Song A isn't attracted to men younger than her and rejects Chae Hyeon Seung's advances.

  • Original title: Sunbae don't put on that lipstick / 선배, 그 립스틱 바르지 마요
  • Episodes: 16 x 70 min
  • Current broadcast: from 18/01/2021 to 09/03/2021
  • Genres: Comedy - Romance
  • Themes: Love - Work
  • Main cast: Won Jin A, Ro Woon

Trailer She Would Never Know (Trailer)

Why see " Sunbae don't put on that lipstick"?

If you like love stories that tackle more mature topics than teenage romances, this drama might be for you. This K-drama is about romantic relationships in the workplace and all the complexity they entail.

For an opinion on the 1st episode of She Would Never Know, I offer you this video on my Youtube channel .

Is 2021 looking good for drama fans?

In summary, the year 2021 promises us many beautiful surprises on the K-drama planet with a great diversity in the scenarios and in the characters. I think a lot of upcoming K-drama will be really interesting to discover and follow so be sure to keep yourself informed of new releases!

A big thank you to the KoreanXwear team for allowing me to write this article and introduce my Youtube channel to its readers!

And thank you very much for reading this article to the end. You can find me on Youtube: Ines Ayi and on Instagram: @Inesayi.yt

See you very soon for other news!

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    bonjour- je suis fan des séries coréennes , mais je ne comprend pas bien pourquoi dans le cas " d’amour" les filles restent les bras ballants le long du corps, équarquille les yeux, se croisent les bras devant la poitrine comme si ont allait les violées, je trouve ces attitudes irréaliste quand ont s’aime – les je t’aime, les embrassades familiales ou autres aussi n’existe donr pas en corée, incroyable – corée c’est dommage pour les histoires sentimentales

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