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Jeon Jungkook is the Maknae of music group BTS. It is the most famous idol in the KPOP world, which earned it the name “Golden Maknae”. In just a few years, he has become an internationally recognized singer, dancer and composer.

In this article we will discover:

  • The story of this Korean prodigy
  • Anecdotes to know about this singer
  • Jungkook's tastes and style

    Are you ready to discover all of Jungkook's secrets? Let's start now.

    Jungkook's characteristics

    Name: Jeon Jung Kook
    Group name: Jungkook
    Date of birth: September 1, 1997
    Group: BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan)
    Interests: drawing, dancing, video games.
    Character: innocent and very mature, he is discreet on social networks

    BTS member Jungkook

    Jungkook's Amazing Story

    Since childhood, Jeon Jungkook's dream was to become a professional badminton player. However, after seeing G-Dragon perform Heartbreaker music, he attempted to become a singer. So he studied at Seoul Performing High School. He participates in a Superstar K's talent show where he fails. However, he receives many requests from agencies wishing to sign a contract with him. He ended up choosing the BigHit agency in order to later join the K-Pop group BTS. He then joined this group while he was still in college as a trainee!

    During the summer of 2012, he flew to Los-Angeles to prepare his dance debut with Movement Lifestyle. He performs for the first time in a Jo Kwon music video and in the former girls group GLAM.

    He debuted as a member of the BTS group in 2013 when he was 15 years old. He raps, dances and is considered a great singer.

    The group's maknae has a golden voice ! Indeed, he released during his career 2 solo titles. First, Begin, a title from the album Wings released in 2016. In this title, he talks about his beginnings when he arrived in Seoul and his relationship with the other members. The second solo title is Euphoria which was originally used for a short film by the group called Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself 起 Wonder. He also produced some BTS titles like Magic Shop which he wrote for fans and Love is Not Over.

    He also likes to cover foreign artists, but also Koreans that he shares with his fans.

    A committed artist, like the other members of the BTS group, he took part in the One Dream, One Korea campaign in September 2015, collaborating with many artists in memory of the Korean War.

    BTS' "Golden Maknae"

    The nickname "Golden Maknae" is regularly associated with Jungkook, because he is considered to be very talented in many fields, music, dance, drawing, in sports, because he practiced taekwondo, and even in the field video games !

    He also likes to edit videos that members make on the go to make documentaries. There is a series of these videos called “ Golden Closet Film . »

    Recognize Jeon Jungkook BTS

    8 things ARMYs know about him

    • He likes to be the maknae of the group, because it allows him to act childishly according to him
    • He often trains to write and compose music
    • He is very messy according to the other members.
    • He first confides in RM when he's not well.
    • He can't live without music and always has headphones on him.
    • He shared that he would like to have Jimin's perseverance, J-Hope's positive spirit, but also Jin's broad shoulders.
    • His artistic model is G-DRAGON (BIGBANG) the first time he listened to a piece of it, he wanted to become a singer
    • He likes the phrase: “Living without passion is like being dead”

    How does Jung-kook dress?

    Jungkook likes to wear a lot of clothes. He likes T-Shirts with plain and rather neutral colors. He also likes to wear patterned clothes, especially plaid shirts and sweaters.

    If you like Jungkook's style, we advise you to visit our BTS group clothing collection .

    Jungkook's Girl Style

    Jeon Jung-Kook also opened up about her ideal girl style. He has a preference for girls smaller than him, rather cute with nice legs who take care of him and with whom he can spend pleasant moments.

    3 Memorable Jungkook Videos

    This video shares cute moments from Jungkook's life.

    The most viewed music video of BTS where Jungkook sings and dances.

    An MV (music video) where Jungkook is highlighted with a moving role.

    5 questions about Jungkook

    Why does he have a scar?

    When he was little, Jungkook argued with his brother about who could use the computer first. He fell and scarred his cheek .

    What is Jungkook's favorite color?

    Jungkook's favorite color is black . It is a color that evokes luxury and class in South Korea. It suits this talented young singer.

    What is his favorite drink?

    Jungkook revealed his love for milk during the dynamite music video. He loves this soft and sweet drink.

    What is Jungkook's blood type?

    Jungkook has type A blood type . This has a common point with J-Hope, RM and Jimin of BTS.

    Is he in a relationship?

    There have been a lot of rumors about Jungkook's pairings, especially with Jung Che Yeon and Lisa. However, no rumors have been confirmed.

    Jungkook is a young prodigy

    In this article, we saw that Jungkook is a young prodigy with great days ahead of him in music. He has a great talent for dancing and singing, which is what allowed him to rise to the top of K-pop accompanied by BTS.

    After this meteoric rise, one wonders what will be the bright future that awaits the young Jungkook? We will follow this on KoreanxWear.

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