Who is Jisoo [Blackpink]?

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Kim Ji-soo (김지수) is the oldest member of Korean music group Blackpink. She is very popular in K-pop, she is called “Miss Korea”. In just a few years, she has become an international singer, dancer and actress.

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Features of Jisoo

Name: Kim Ji-soo ( 김지수)
Stage Name: Jisoo
Date of birth: January 3, 1995 in Gunpo (South Korea)
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Function: Secondary singer (lead vocalist)
Group: Blackpink
Interest: Music, Piano, Drums and Pikachu
Label: YG Entertainment, Interscope

Photo by Jisoo Blackpink

Jisoo's incredible journey

Kim Ji-soo known by the stage name Jisoo was born on January 3, 1995 in Gunpo, South Korea and she is of full Korean descent unlike the other members of Blackpink.

Jisoo comes from a wealthy family in South Korea. Her father is known as a wealthy and influential person. She has an older brother Jung Hoon and an older sister Ji-yoon whom she is very close to.

She studied at School Of Performing Arts High School and then joined YG Entertainment in 2011 at the age of 16.

Prior to joining Blackpink, she played minor roles in Drama KBS2 and appeared in commercials for Samsonite, Smart Uniform, LG Electronics and Nikon. She was therefore already known before joining the Girls Band.

On August 8, 2016, she officially debuted her career in K-pop music group Blackpink when they released the track " Boombayah " alongside Rosé, Jennie and Lisa. Following this, Blackpink became the internationally known group it is today and Jisoo became known worldwide.

Along with her singing career, Jisoo is also a model and actress . She will be one of the main actresses of the Drama “Snow Drop” in 2021.

After having broken several world records for audience in music, Jisoo and the rest of Blackpink are today the muses of very big luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Kiss me, and Dior.

BLACKPINK's "Miss Korea"

Once known within Blackpink, Jisoo became one of K-pop's "4D" idols.

The term 4D is often used as a compliment in the Korean universe. It denotes a strange, different, funny or bizarre person.

She is called 4D because she often dances, makes faces or changes the subject during interviews. This is what makes its charm according to the Blinks.

Since she is very attached to South Korea through her upbringing and is remarkable, fans gave her the name "Miss Korea".

Some facts the blinks know about jisoo


  • Jisoo is the member who sets the mood according to Jennie.
  • She trained for 5 years in Taekwondo.
  • She is the oldest member of Blackpink.
  • Her favorite color is purple.
  • She was a uniform model at her school.
  • She has a preference for horror movies and she loves Harry Potter.
  • His favorite actor is British actor Tom Hardy.
  • She doesn't like cherry blossoms

2 unforgettable videos of jisoo

This video shares cute moments from Jisoo's life. She shows herself in a new light forgetting that she is a famous idol.

BLACKPINK's most viewed music video featuring Jisoo singing and dancing to Forever Young music.

Jisoo, the idol who always surprises the Blinks

In this article, we saw that Jisoo is a talented young K-pop music icon. She is versatile thanks to dancing, singing, her roles and modeling. All this makes her one of the most appreciated idols by her peers and the public.

After this meteoric rise , one wonders what is the bright future that still awaits Jisoo? We will follow this on KoreanxWear.

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