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Jin or Kim Seok-Jin ( 김석진) is the oldest member of BTS. He's an amazing singer and dancer. He is nicknamed "the most beautiful in the world" by the Army. He is an internationally known Korean idol.

In this article, you will discover:

  • Jin's preferences
  • The story of this Korean singer
  • Anecdotes that appeal to the army

Jin will have no more secrets for you after this article so let's get started.

Jin's Characteristics

Name: Kim Seok-Jin
Group name: Jin
Date of birth: December 4, 1992
Group: BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan)
Interest: He enjoys playing piano and guitar
Character: Prankster and entertainer.

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What is his story ?

Kim Seok-Jin debuted in 2013 in K-Pop by joining the group BTS .

Originally, he was an actor with the BigHit agency and had no singing experience. He therefore began to work tirelessly on singing, even though he was strongly criticized in his early days with BTS.

He was criticized for not being a real singer. Following these criticisms, he improved his singing skills so much, that he transformed his voice . It is said that Jin practiced late at night to perfect his voice.

A recognized artist of BTS

In the music Awake and Epiphany, we can see that Jin sings particularly well. These songs were highly appreciated by the fans.

In October 2016, he released Awake, his first solo title within the group. He thus shows the fans that he has an unusual voice .

In August 2018, he won again with the solo title Epiphany . A solo in which we notice that Jin is able to go up in the notes.

In addition to being talented, Kim Seok-Jin would also be a very good cook and would regularly be responsible for concocting delicious meals for other members.

A fan of social networks, he would have shared several photos of his own culinary experiences before BTS. He also has his Vlive series titled Eat Jin in which he talks about cooking with other members.

Jin's character

You have surely noticed it, but Jin is prankish by nature . He regularly lightens the atmosphere by making other BTS members and staff members laugh. Even though he's the oldest member of the group, he's not the quietest.

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Some anecdotes about Kim Seok-Jin

  • His confidant is RM , when he is in bad shape, he instinctively turns to the leader.
  • He is very close to RM , JungKook and V.
  • He dreams of having the same abs as Jimin .
  • He got scared of V once when he clapped to wake him up.
  • Jin has a fondness for animated films.
  • He was the last to move into the group's dormitory.
  • He loves dogs and the spring sun.
  • Her favorite color is pink .
  • His favorite dishes are chicken, meat in general and lobster.
  • He is one of the visuals of the group and regularly panics the web for his physique and his ability to singer and of choreographer.

What clothes does Jin like to wear?

Seok-Jin , also called Jin, has a fairly classic style of dress. He really likes clothes in which you feel good. He can wear loose sweaters like plaid shirts and jeans.

What is her style as a girl?

Kim Seok-Jin talked about her girlish style. He likes simple and friendly girls. He wants a girl who is faithful and kind , but who doesn't overdo it. He would like her to know how to take care of him and like to cook. He doesn't want a girl who loves him for being famous. He wants an ordinary girl who loves him for who he really is.

The music that Jin likes

5 questions about Jin

How do you write Jin in Korean?

Jin's real name is Kim Seok-jin. This is written 김석진 in Korean. The nickname Jin is therefore written 진 in Hangeul.

Why Kim Seok-jin became a singer?

Jin wanted to become an actor through a movie, then he was scouted by a K-pop agency . So he joined BTS afterwards to become a singer.

Where does Jin BTS live?

Jin was born in Gwacheon south of Seoul. Now he lives in Seoul like other BTS members.

Is he the most beautiful in the world?

Jin has the nickname "most beautiful in the world" thanks to a poll where he had 122,294 votes. He is one of the most beautiful K-pop idols.

Is jin in a relationship?

Jin is not officially in a relationship even though there are a lot of rumors circulating like for all BTS. The most well-known rumor is with Jisoo from blackpink.

The BTS member that fans love.

In this article, we saw that Jin is an all-around artist who stirs up passions across the K-pop universe. First criticized then acclaimed following his work on his voice, Jin is a model for all persevering Army.

Do you think Jin will keep his joker and joker side in the future? We will follow that on this blog.

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    Jin est vraiment beau et en plus il est talentueux avec une si belle voix il mérite ses surnoms de worldwide handsome et silver voice

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    JIN à une cœur en or en plus il est beau


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