Who is J-Hope [BTS]?


Want to know who rapper J-Hope is ? Do you want to know more about the members of the BTS group? Do you want to know anecdotes and the preferences of your Bias?

We are also fans of J-Hope and we are going to introduce you to this idol.

J-Hope or Jung Ho-seok (정호석) is one of the rappers of K-pop group BTS. He joined the group in 2013 and became an international star. He is a talented singer and dancer.

In this article, we will see:

  • The likes of this rapper
  • Everything you need to know about J-hope
  • Anecdotes for the Army

Let's start this article now so that J-hope has no more secrets for you.

J-Hope Features

Name: Jung Ho-seok
Group name: J-Hope
Date of birth: February 18, 1994
Group: BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan)
Interest: He likes to dance and rap
Character: He is optimistic and energetic. He likes to have fun and set the mood.

BTS member J-Hope

J-Hope, a very good dancer from BTS.

Jung Ho-Seok is originally very good at dancing. Before entering K-Pop with the group BTS , he was part of an underground dance group called Neuron.

He took dance lessons at Gwangju Music Academy and also won many local awards. Finally, he had a national dance award in 2008.

Jung Ho-Seok, an essential rapper.

His talent for dancing will lead him a little later to take an interest in singing when he wanted to become a K-pop trainee to live from his passion.

In 2012, J-Hope was introduced as a rapper as a trainee in Jo Kwon's song "Animal".

Following this, on June 13, 2013 , J-Hope made his debut as part of the group BTS where he performed with the song "No More Dream". He is the third member to join the group as a trainee after RM and Suga.

This sensational entry into the sphere of K-Pop will allow him to carry out various collaborations. He will notably sing with Zara Larsson and with V of BTS on June 14, 2019 “ A Brand New Day ” for the mobile game BTS World.

An idol who stands out solo

J-Hope is also illustrated as a solo artist . Indeed, on March 1, 2018, he presented his first mixtape to fans, which was called “ Hope World ” and which went around the world.

This mixtape made a splash in the global digital songs chart with the titles “Daydream”, “Hope World” and “Hangsang”.

J-Hope excels in various musical styles such as hip-hop, funk and soul. This makes his songs unique and reveals his extraordinary personality.

BTS members J-Hope

The 8 anecdotes to know about J-Hope

  • Her stage name is a reference to the myth of Pandora's box where the only thing left after the liberation of the evils of the world is hope. It means that he is also the hope of the group.
  • He is one of the best dancers in the group and he helped RM improve in dancing.
  • He is very protective of Jungkook.
  • The members consider him their second mom because he is tidy and organized.
  • He is very fearful.
  • He is very close to RM and Suga and easily confides in his two friends.
  • He is very sociable and approachable.
  • He is not a fan of exercises and bodybuilding, because he mainly builds muscle in dance.

What is her style of dress?

Ho-Seok likes simple clothes. Indeed, jogging sneakers do not bother him, but they must be adapted to his morphology.

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Jung Ho-Seok's Girl Style

Jung Ho-Seok opened up about his girlish style. He likes simple girls who like to have fun and who don't take the lead . He likes to take his time and live in the moment. He appreciates classy girls and doesn't really like anything excessive.

The 3 Kpop music titles he prefers to listen to

5 questions about J-Hope

Where was BTS's J Hope born?

J-Hope was born in Ilgok-dng in South Korea. It is a city located in the southwest of South Korea near Gwangju.

What is the name of J-Hope from BTS?

J-Hope's real name is Jung Ho-seok (정호석). He chose the name J-Hope to give people hope.

Who is J-Hope BTS' best friend?

We know that Monsta X's Hyungwon was BTS's J-Hope's best friend. These two singers are still very close despite their busy careers.

How tall is J Hope?

J-Hope is 1.77m tall which makes him average for the BTS group.

What is J Hope's favorite color?

J-hope loves green and it's not hard to guess because this color represents hope. It reminds me of his nickname.

One of the most famous idols in the world.

In this article, we saw that J-Hope has become one of the most well-known Korean idols in the world in a few years. He managed to win the hearts of BTS fans and fans of the Hope World project.

Do you also have hope thanks to J-hope and his music? We'll follow her journey on this blog so don't hesitate to follow us and join us on Instagram @KoreanxWear.


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  • temehani

    je t’aime fort mon cœur toujours très très belle de la vie fans de vous BTS ARMY merci beaucoup bisous tu me manque

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