Who are the Monsta X? Presentation, History and KPOP

Know you perfectly the group Kpop Monsta X ? Want to learn more about this South Korean band? Would you like to learn more about the members of this group?

So welcome to this article dedicated to the k-pop ! Through this article, we are going to introduce you to this talented group!!

Monsta X is a South Korean group of 6 boys. They debuted in the Korean music industry in 2015.

In this article on this group, you will learn more about:

  • Group formation
  • Their influence within the Kpop industry
  • The band's fandom

In this Kpop article, you will learn more about these 6 boys and be able to better support them during their career!!

The characteristics of the Monsta X group

Name: Monsta X

Start: 2015

Members: Show Nu, Ki Hyun, Joo Honey, Hyung Won, Min Hyuk, IM

Fandom Name: Monbebe

Agency: Maverick

Label: Starship Entertainment, Mercury Tokyo, Epic Records

Style: K-Pop, K-Hip-Hop, J-Pop, J-Hip-Hop


Who are they ? Monsta X Group Biography

K-pop group Monsta X originated from survival show 'No.MERCY' where 13 trainees showed off their different abilities for 3 months. The Korean group is then designated by the votes of the public, which made it possible on May 14, 2015 to officially unveil the 7 members of the Starship X group.

In addition, the members were able to collaborate on different songs with other artists from the same agency during this survival show. However, on October 31, 2019, Won Ho decided to quit the group due to personal reasons and not wishing to upset either the group members or the fans.

Members of K-Pop group Monsta X

Some essential band music!!

Monsta X: a group that continues to shine

Monsta X is a very original music group name. Indeed, this one has a very specific meaning. This means that each member are monsters ready to perform and conquer the K-Pop sphere.

However, there is a second meaning. "Monsta" refers to "ma" in French and "star", which means they wish to shine. Also, X stands for something unknown in the music industry.

Monsta Clothing x KoreanxWear

An influential boyband

According to Billboard , the Monsta X group has been on the Top 10 Hit charts 6 times (Beautiful, Hero, Shoot Out, Spotlight, Livin' It Up, Alligator).

Monsta X's official account on Twitter has more than 3.4 million followers, and more than 1.25 million subscribers on the YouTube platform.

On the Spotify streaming platform, there are approximately 2,989,603 plays per month.

Funny Monsta X Members Monbebe: A Brilliant Fandom

While the name of this K-Pop group is original, so is the name of the fandom . Indeed, it was during a Vlive in 2016 that the group unveiled the name of the fandom Monbebe derived from the name of the group, but which also means my baby in French. 

On May 14, 2017, the band unveiled the official fandom lightstick via Vlive to celebrate the band's anniversary. The lightstick is black with a base that has 7 faces representing each member of the group where a letter of the name of the group is engraved.

The LED is shaped like the logo of the fandom and is protected by 14 glittery purple panes representing the day of the date of the beginning of the group, namely May 14, 2015. the light stick emits holographic color light.

Monsta X Concert Monbebe Fandom

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