Who are the iKONs? Presentation, History and KPOP

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iKON is a 7-boy Korean Kpop group that entered the Kpop sphere in 2015.

In this article, you will learn about the following topics:

  • The formation of this boyband
  • Their influence within the Kpop sphere
  • The support of their fandom

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The different characteristics of the group

Name: iCON
Start: 2015
Members: Jay, Bobby, Song, Ju-Ne, DK, Chan
Fandom Name: iKONIC
Label: Warner Music Taiwan, YGEX
Agency: YG Entertainment
Style: K-Pop, K-Rap, K-Hip-Hop, J-Pop, J-Rap, J-Hip-Hop

Who are they ? iKON Group Biography

The group of K Pop iKON does his beginnings September 15, 2015. This is a new boy band unveiled by label YG Entertainment . However, the formation of the group took place over several years, from 2011 to 2015.

Indeed, in January 2011, BI and Jinhwan join the label as trainees where they create the Team B. Follow-up to various programs such as WIN : Who Is Next (2012-2013) and Show Me tea Money 3 in 2014 (RAP) . It's during the show Mix and Mach (2014) the group is created. The group IKON debuts during the digital release of their first single My Type

Nevertheless the leader BI leave the group iKON in June 2019 following a compromising report. 

K-Pop iKON Members

The different essential sounds of this boyband

iKON: a group that continues to shine

The name of this K-Pop group is quite original. The name is intended to highlight the group as an "icon for Korea ", hence the K, initial of the word ( Korean ) in English. Indeed, this group aims to conquer the sphere of K-Pop .

As of March 2016, more than 270,000 physical albums have been sold and more than 4.5 million albums in digital version.

iKON Clothing KoreanxWear

An influential boyband

According to Billboard , the group iKON has been included in the Top 10 Hit charts 3 times (Love Scenario , Goodbye Road , Killing Me) . It is also listed once in the No. 1 Hits category with the single Love Scenario . 15 of the group's songs are recorded in the charts .

iKON's official account on Twitter has more than 878,000 followers , on the social network Instagram more than 3.4 million subscribers and more than 6.62 million subscribers on the YouTube platform. On the Spotify platform, more than 2,389,207 plays per month are counted.

funny fun iKON members

iKONic: A Brilliant Fandom

The fandom name is as appealing as the name of this K-Pop group. Indeed, the group reveals at the end of September 2015 during a Vlive that the name of the fandom would be iKONic , in reference to the name of the group and the fact that these are important and are a model for the members of the group. This helped to strengthen the bonds between the fans, but also between the fans and the group . 

The group's lightstick called " Konbat " represents a red bat. Red is the official color of the group.

Fandom iKONic iKON

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