Who are the Exos? Presentation, History and KPOP

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Do you really know the Exo group ? Looking for some info on this K-pop group? Do you want to know everything about Exo's music?

You have come to the right place, on KoreanxWear, we will answer your questions about Exo.

Exo is a K-pop music group that was born in 2012. It is made up of nine Korean and Chinese boys: Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, DO, Kai and Sehun.

In this article, you will discover:
  • The story of the Exo group
  • the success of their music
  • Fans of this K-pop group

By reading this article you will learn everything an EXO-L needs to know so let's get started.

The characteristics of the group

Name: Exo
Start: 2012
Members: Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, DO, Kai, Sehun
Former members: Luahn, Kris Wu, Z.Tao
Fandom Name: Exo-L
Agency: SM Entertainment
Style: K-pop, C-pop, J-pop
Albums: MAMA, Miracles in December, Overdose, Sing For You, Universe, XOXO, Growl, EXODUS, LOVE ME RIGHT, EX'ACT, LOTTO, For Life, THE WAR, The Power of Music, DON'T MESS UP MY TEMPO , LOVE SHOT, OBSESSION

EXO Kpop Members

The history of the Exo group

Exo is a Korean and Chinese K-POP group under the SM Entertainment label.

Exo 's debut was officially announced on December 21, 2011 with teaser photos, but the group officially debuted on January 29, 2012 with their first ever single " What is love ".

Exo is first named M1 and was to consist of only seven members. Finally the group is divided into two subgroups M1 and M2, a South Korean group and another Chinese.

The group was not renamed Exo until December 2011 with renamed subgroups Exo-K ( Exo Korean ) and Exo-M ( Exo Mandarin) . These sub-groups are both composed of 6 members. All twelve debuted with the same single, in the respective language of each Exo subgroup.

This group is made up of several nationalities, as there are Koreans and Chinese in Exo.

Exo originally consisted of twelve members, but unfortunately three of them left for various reasons.

Some essential titles

Exo's influence in the world

Exo is an influential social media group. Indeed, they have more than 8 million followers on Instagram as well as more than 9 million followers on Twitter. Exo members also have personal accounts with several thousand followers each.

The group also has 6.34 million subscribers on the YouTube streaming platform and more than 3.5 million listens per month on the Spotify platform.

Exo: A K-pop group with great success

Exo is one of the best known groups in South Korea . Indeed, with the K-pop group BTS and the group Ateez, they are the ambassadors of Korean culture internationally.

In addition, we also notice their success in the rankings. For example, in the “Billboard 200” charts which lists artists from all over the world, the group Exo has reached the 28th place for two consecutive weeks.

Kpop EXO Member

Exo-L: A Loyal Fandom

On August 5, 2014, the agency revealed the Exo-L fandom name . This name was not chosen by chance and has a very special meaning. The L which is between the K and the M , represents the "unity" of the fans and means first of all that the fans support both subgroups by Exo. The Exo-L are between Exo-K and Exo-M . But that's not all, because the L also stands for Love, which shows and proves to us the band's love for their fans.

Exo 's slogan also has a special meaning. " We Are One ", " We are only one " in French simply means that the group wants him and their fans to be one. They want their fans to become like a member of the group in order to form one group.

9 questions about Exo

Who is the leader of Exo?

The leader of Exo is singer Suho. His real name is Kim Jun-myeon (김준면). He represents this Kpop group well thanks to his talent as a singer and dancer.

When did Exo start?

Exo was announced in December 2011 and debuted with the single "What is love" on January 29, 2012. This makes Exo a fairly old K-pop group.

Who is the most popular member of Exo?

Exo's most popular members are Chanyeol and Suho. They are the most liked members by EXO-L and K-pop fans in general according to polls.

What is Exo's most famous music?

Love Shot music is the most viewed music of the Exo group on the youtube platform. It has almost 500 million views.

What are the names of Exo fans?

Exo fans are EXO-L, because it's the letter of the alphabet between M and K. The letter L stands for love, which is "Love" in English. The M and K represent the two sections of the Exo group in South Korea (K for Korean) and China (M for Mandarin).

Who are the members who left Exo?

Tao, Luhan and Kris left the Exo group. Tao had many health issues. Luhan has started procedures to terminate his contract following an illness. Kris had a dispute with the SM entertainment agency.

What does Exo mean?

The EXO group is divided into EXO-M which stands for EXO-Mandarin and EXO-K which stands for Exo-Korean. It is a separation for the languages ​​of the sections of the group.

Is Exo on hiatus?

The Exo group is still active, but some members are doing military service in South Korea. So there is a pause in the release of music albums.

What is Exo's agency?

Exo Group's agency is SM Entertainment. It is a famous agency in the Korean music world. They also own Shinee, Red Velvet and NCT for example.

Kpop EXO concert

Exo's adventure continues

In this article, we have seen a lot of information about the Exo group. The group is on hiatus , as some members are doing military service in South Korea, but the fans are still there and the group still has a future ahead of them.

What do you think of the future of the Exo group? We will follow this closely on the KoreanxWear blog.

Feel free to comment on the article and join us on Instagram @koreanxwear.

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