Who are the Mamamoos? Presentation, History and KPOP

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Are you sure you know everything about the Kpop group Mamamoo? Would you like to know more information about this girl group? Would you like to get to know the members of this group better?

You are in the right place! In this article, discover this girl group that is all the rage in Korean pop!!

Mamamoo is a South Korean girlsband of 4 young girls who established themselves in the world of Kpop in 2014

By reading our article, you will be able to read the following information:

  • The creation of the girls band
  • Their progression within the Kpop sphere
  • Their amazing fandom

In our article, discover this Korean girlsband and exchange with other fans around the world!!

The characteristics of the girl band

Name: Mamamoo
Start: 2014
Members: Solar, Moon Byul, Whee In, Hwa Sa
Fandom Name: Moomoo
Agency: Rainbow Bridge World, Kakao M, CJ E&M, WA Ent
Style: K-Ballad, K-pop, KR&B
Albums: Hello, Piano Man, Pink Funky, Memory, Purple, Yellow Flower, Red Moon, Blue;s, White Wind, Melting, Reality in BLACK

Who are they ? MAMAMOO Group Biography

This K-pop group is particularly recognized for its choreographic and vocal performances. Indeed, the latter revealed during an interview on the show Immortal Song 2 where they claimed to be unable to play back, they cannot agree with the music and between them. They are not used to practicing playback and almost never do.
Mamamoo is composed of 4 girls: Solar the singer and leader of the group, Moonbyul who develops the songs and choreographies, Wheein the main singer and Hwa Sa who raps, dances and practices singing.

mamamoo kpop group

Some titles of the group not to be missed

MAMAMOO: A group that shines

Mamamoo is a Korean girl-group discovered on June 18, 2014 with a single "Mr.Ambiguous", launched by the label Rainbow Bridge World.

Having the ambition to adopt a natural but also very original approach, the 4 girls wanted to name the group Mamamoo in reference to the babbles of the children who resemble "Mama", in other words "mother".

Mamamoo Clothing KoreanxWear

Mamamoo: An influential girl group

On November 23, 2019, shortly after the release of the single HIP, Mamamoo climbed to number thirteen for 19 consecutive weeks on the charts according to billboard.

Mamamoo's official Twitter account has more than 1.1 million followers and also has more than 18.6 million subscribers on the YouTube platform.

On the Spotify streaming platform, there are approximately 2,732,895 plays per month on the Spotify streaming platform.

fan of mamamoo france

Moomoo: A growing fandom

The fandom name is “Moomoo” which in Korean means radish as fans are associated with the vegetable. At concerts their fans wave radishes! The official lightstick of the group is also a form of radish. The lightstick makes them stand out from other Kpop groups. A second version of the Lightstick is unveiled in 2017. The MooMooBong has a capacity to produce 5 bluetooth colors which can emit up to 256 different colors. He also has the ability to vibrate. This is an initiative of the group for people with sight and hearing impairments to also be able to encourage the group.
Mamamoo is a very committed group, for example Wheein had the opportunity to communicate in sign language with a fan, or in the choreography "Starry Night" sign language is integrated.

Mamamoo Fandom: Moomoo

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  • Con Méo

    j’ai craqué pour le groupe Mammoo… je les adore.
    j’aimerais savoir à quoi correspond leur geste de passer le doigt sous le nez…
    quel en est la signification ?
    Merci pour vos réponses.
    Con Méo.

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