The 5 Reasons to Love KPOP

Do you want to find out why KPOP is awesome? Are you looking for arguments to counter the Haters? Do you want to pass on your passion for Korean music?

You are lucky, we are Kpop experts and we will tell you the reasons to love k-pop.

KPOP is a Korean style of music loved by many fans all over the world. To love Kpop is to love dance, song, music, bands and above all, Korean culture.

In this article you will discover:

  • The best things aspects of kpop
  • Why it's great to become a fan
  • 5 reasons to love Korean pop music

The love of kpop will no longer have any secrets for you and you will finally be able to express your feelings freely. Let's start now!

1 Music of all styles: K-POP

KPOP is a musical genre that appeared in South Korea in the 1970s. Its particularity is that it brings together many styles of music such as Hip Hop, Rock or electro. It's a madness perk that partly explains his success in the world. Kpop is a very varied genre of music in which everyone can identify.

The music often follows international trends when they do not influence them. To show you the diversity of K-POP , nothing better than to name you some groups to watch. Between the Hip Hop style of BTS and the KR&B style of Mamamoo, we quickly see the difference.

Here is a Mashup of music of the year 2019 , it allows you to see the variety of styles with the unity of the Kpop genre.

2 Outstanding dance choreographies

In the world of South Korean music, it is important to emphasize the importance of choreography . They are often complex and reproduced by thousands of fans. The performers (idols) perform synchronized dances perfectly, without the slightest mistake. This is no coincidence given the difficulty of selecting these same idols.

Indeed, being a Kpop idol is a real sacrifice that requires a lot of talent and training . Let's see how far excellence can go thanks to a Korean game show. The objective of the game is to push the limits of dancing music groups.

Below, you can see the band Monsta X performing high-speed, slow-motion choreography.

3 Love of Korean Fashion

If there's one thing that has nothing to do with the music itself, but is part of Korean culture , it's the clothes of Kpop stars. Korean fashion has been able to push its limits and innovate to influence the whole world thanks to the outfits of kpop idols and the design teams that work in concerts.

Clothes inspired by music videos and TV shows have become a real way to connect with the kpop community all over the world. It is also our job at KoreanxWear to distribute kpop in French-speaking countries and that is why we sell Korean clothes .

kpop clothes

4 K-POP fan communities

Kpop is above all a set of large benevolent families. Admittedly, there may be some excesses, but that in no way detracts from the beauty of the community. To tell you the truth, before discovering this world, I had never seen so many such nice people together. Every Kpop fan is part of the Fandoms of his favorite groups. He helps his favorite idols by sharing their content, buying their albums and going to their concerts when possible. Moreover, it also helps new members to discover this extraordinary adventure that is Korean music. The many Fandoms like ARMY, ONCE, STAY or even ATINY are incredible places that deserve our consideration.

community and fandoms

5 Make fabulous encounters: The Fans

Finally, let's talk about Kpop fans as individuals. Kpop fans are often loyal, caring, admiring and respectful . The lack of civility of some crazy people has already caused ink to flow on the fans, but this is marginal and regrettable. These facts are not representative of all the love flowing through Korean music fans. Kpop makes it possible to meet people that will last forever all over the world. Thanks to the Internet, discussion groups on Discord or even Amino have been created to pull this community up.

Spread the love of Korean music!

We have seen together the reasons why millions of fans love k-pop around the world. It is likely that you have already noticed these points on your side and that is why we have formalized everything here.

From now on, you will have more arguments to counter the haters. However, even with the best phrases in the world, it is difficult to face the idiots of the web and we know it.

There's nothing worse than being the only K-POP lover in a group of people. You must never be alone again!

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