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Do you like mannequins and models ? Do you want to discover the fashion stars in South Korea? Do you want to know the 5 biggest figures of modeling in South Korea ?

Welcome to KoreanxWear, we will enlighten you about modeling in Korea.

South Korea is a country that loves to follow trends. Koreans shine in the world of fashion thanks to the importance they place on style. Some of the best-known models and models include ireneisgood, heybiblee, yoonjujang, leesoohyuk, and juanxkui.

What we will see:

  • Korean interest in models
  • pictures of korean models
  • The story of 5 essential models

Let's start right away with the importance of modeling in South Korea.

Korean beauty standards

South Korea is known for its very high standards of beauty.
Koreans like to pay attention to their appearance .

The main beauty criteria in South Korea are:

  • Thinness
  • White skin
  • a small head
  • A fine nose
  • long legs

Koreans are world leaders in cosmetic surgery rankings and are renowned for their beauty products.

Models in South Korea

Models and models are highly regarded in South Korea.

Some are world famous, especially when it comes to K-pop idols .

To be a model or a model in South Korea, you must meet the majority of Korean beauty criteria .

In recent years, we can also find a growing proportion of mixed race among models in Korea.

5 Popular Korean Models

Here are five Korean models/models who have a huge following on Instagram.

Irene is good

Ireneisgood: 2.6 million subscribers


Heybiblee: 14.5 million subscribers


Yoonjujang: 1.2 million subscribers


Leesoohyuk: 3.5 million subscribers


Juanxkui: 3.6 million subscribers

Adopt the style of your favorite models

Now you know more about models in South Korea.

What is your favorite model?

To adopt a style worthy of your favorite Korean models, you can discover our Korean clothes on KoreanxWear.


  • Kenza Joly

    J’adore Heybiblee

  • Kenza Joly

    Depuis toute petite je rêve d’être mannequin en corée du sud et même si je sius noire et que ça va être compliquer j’suis prête à poursuivre mon rêve et je continue mes efforts👍🏽

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