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KPOP and JPOP are two very similar styles of music, but they have many differences. K-POP is popular music in South Korea and J-POP is popular music in Japan. The codes and the language are not the same.

What we will see:

  • The definition of KPOP and JPOP
  • The differences between these musical styles
  • The impact of this music in the world

Let's start right away by defining the acronyms KPOP and JPOP.

Definition of KPOP and JPOP

Here are the definitions of the terms KPOP and JPOP.


K-pop is an abbreviation of K for Korean and POP for pop music.

So that means K-pop is the popular style of music in South Korea .


J-pop is the contraction of J for Japanese and POP for pop music.

J-pop is therefore the popular style of music in Japan .

Differences between KPOP and JPOP

K-pop and J-pop are close styles but with a lot of differences and we will see that now with a list.

KPOP is closer to Western standards than JPOP.

There are a greater number of musical styles in KPOP.

JPOP has more access to cute songs than KPOP.


The KPOP appeared in the 1990s , it was encouraged by the Korean government to promote the country internationally.

JPOP is primarily designed for Japanese audiences and began in the 1960s .


KPOP Idols get a lot of hype. They have no private life and go on reality shows or talk a lot on social networks.

JPOP Idols have a private life and expose themselves much less.

The KPOP is influenced by the West while the JPOP is made for the Japanese.


KPOP idols have a wide variety of styles and are always on top of global fashion.

JPOP idols are more often dressed in cute outfits that Japanese people like.


KPOP is more popular than JPOP.

It gets more views on the internet and big KPOP groups have more followers than big JPOP groups.

Many KPOP groups perform with singers from the United States (BTS with Coldplay and Blackpink with Selena Gomez for example).

Why is KPOP better known than JPOP?

KPOP is better known than JPOP in the world because it is designed to be exported overseas.

The Korean government itself has done everything to make K-pop famous and South Korea to become a Soft Power in the world.

KPOP uses codes that appeal to Americans and Europeans.

The JPOP is very well known, but remains designed for the Japanese , which explains why it is less popular than the KPOP abroad.

The most famous music KPOP vs JPOP

Here are some well-known music in KPOP and JPOP.

Boy with Luv by BTS

Blackpink DDU-DU DDU-DU

PONPONPON by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Fortune Cookie from AKB48

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In this article, we have shown you the differences between KPOP and JPOP.

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    It’s laughably incorrect to say Kpop has a “greater number of musical styles”. Look up any popular Kpop playlist and you will see the exact same music video and musical R&B Hip-hop western pop style. Then look up Jpop, and you will get anything from girls singing metal to singer songwriter to pop rock. The Kpop industry pushes one style above all others while the Jpop industry is a melting pot with decades of diversity

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    sympatoche tout ça

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