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K-POP is a type of music originating from South Korea. “Korean Pop Music” brings together many styles such as rap, electro, rock and many others. KPOP is very well known internationally thanks to groups like BTS, Blackpink or Twice.

What we will see:

  • What is KPOP
  • The history of this Korean musical style
  • The influence of K-pop in the world

Let's start now with a definition of K-POP.

Definition of KPOP

The term KPOP stands for “Korean Pop Music”.

This means that KPOP is popular music in South Korea .

It is a very varied musical genre which has its own codes and which is composed of many styles.

K-pop is a cross between Korean culture and Western commercial music.

It is a very well-known type of music in the world which has its own universe and vocabulary .

The History of K-POP

K-pop beginnings

KPOP began in the 1990s with the appearance of the first KPOP groups.

Korea wanted to stand out in music.

She had been under the influence of American music since the 1950s and had participated in the great wave of rock in the 1960s.

In the 90s, Korean bands began to appear.

The group Seo Tai-ji and Boys was the first to please in South Korea.

Over time, K-pop has become more diverse in musical styles and group types.

In the 2000s, there appeared a large number of various groups, Girls bands, Boy bands, Rock, Hip Hop, Electro, KPOP has become a varied and very popular musical genre in South Korea.

It took until the 2010s for K-pop to be recognized around the world and considered one of the most popular musical genres of all time.

Korean music and the Korean government

You should know that after the Korean War, South Korea had to rebuild itself economically.

Once this work was done, the government wanted the country to become a major cultural power .

This would ensure a good international image of South Korea and the sympathy of other countries.

The Korean government has therefore financially assisted the development of Korean entertainment.

In the plan of the Koreans, Korean K-pop music was important and they managed to develop it, because today it is a major source of influence for the country.

The popularity of K-pop around the world

KPOP concert

K-pop is really popular around the world.

Just look at the views on YouTube of certain artists like BTS or Blackpink to realize this.

Moreover, the first video in the world to have reached the symbolic number of one billion views is Gangnam Style by Korean singer Psy.

Since the 2010s, K-pop has been breaking all records around the world, in terms of album sales, views and concert sizes.

K-pop is a genre that is very popular internationally because artists are always on top of the musical trend and add English lyrics.

Korean music has become so famous that it influences fashion around the world.

3 essential music to discover K-pop

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Our tips for discovering K-pop

In this article, we've shown you everything you need to know to understand what K-POP is.

What music do you recommend for beginners?

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