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Want to discover the latest Korean fashion trends in 2023 ? Do you want to know what's new in fashion from South Korea? You don't know what K-fashion is?

Welcome to KoreanxWear, we will tell you about Korean trends in 2023

K-fashion with Koreanxwear

Fashion from South Korea or K-Fashion is more than ever the trend in 2023. We will explain how to apply it and what are the fashionable pieces.

What we will see:

  • The specificities of K-fashion in 2023
  • How to Adopt a Style from South Korea
  • Fashionable look ideas

Here are the different elements and styles to consider when adopting K-fashion in 2023.

Where does Korean fashion come from?

Korean fashion has grown in popularity in recent years and it's not hard to see why. Innovative designs and bold cuts catch the eye and give wearers a unique and confident style. If you want to embrace Korean fashion, but don't know how to start, we've rounded up some outfit and look ideas to help you.

All about Korean fashion in 2023

Here are 5 things to adopt to be fashionable in South Korea in 2023. These five elements were chosen taking into account the latest K-Fashion trends coming straight from Seoul, the most stylish city in South Korea !

Choose your trendy clothes for 2023

oversized clothes

In Korea, loose clothing that conceals body shapes is highly valued. It is therefore necessary to choose XXL pieces like non-gendered coats. We offer for example

Korean suede jacket

Korean student coat | koreanxwear
Korean Plaid Plaid Jacket
Korean student jacket | koreanxwear

They are oversized and do not reveal the shapes of the body, perfect for following the trend!

The key accessory: the bucket hat

The Bob has become an iconic accessory that you find in any Korean fashionista's wardrobe. It is essential to K-fashion , can be worn anytime and for any occasion and above all adapts to all styles.

For example, you can opt for our Bob Thuglife which fits perfectly with the Korean street style.

Korean Bob | koreanxwear

The striped top

Seen on the streets of Seoul and in many k-dramas, the striped top has become one of the centerpieces in Korean style. It can be worn with almost everything and will go very well with shorts for example.

We have several striped blouses, t-shirts and sweaters:

Korean striped blouse
Korean striped t-shirt

Korean striped sweater

The colour

Although the dark style is very fashionable in Korean, the reverse is also very fashionable. K-fashion is also about sparkling colors and a joyful and assumed lifestyle. This style is perfect for the arrival of spring.

We can go with the colorful wool sweater for cold days or the Korean shirt for sunny days.

Colorful Korean Woolen Sweater
colorful korean shirt

The long blazer

Finally, the ultimate piece for fashion from South Korea, the long blazer. Korean fashionistas wear it as a dress or over an outfit. It is a very elegant piece that marks your shoulders and your silhouette. It's sure to make you stand out, wherever you go!

Korean blazer jacket

Here are the 5 elements we recommend to adopt K-Fashion in 2023!

Are you up to date in your style?

Check out all of our Korean clothing on KoreanxWear to stay on top of fashion.

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